Are you dissatisfied with your current blog design? Are there too many compromises? Is it the exact color you want? Do you want to move the menus around? Could you use a heading in a larger font or a different color?

If you are using a preset theme, whether you have bought it or it is a free one you will need at least a basic coding knowledge to change any of these. I have managed to get rid of that Wordpress link at the bottom of the page, but that is my limit.

What everyone really needs is a Wordpress theme design program that is simple enough for a 10 year old child to use. This fantasy program would allow you to change the Wordpress page width all the way up to 1200 pixels or more, if you so chose.

You would be able to change the header height and header graphics, it would include dozens of header graphics, textures and backgrounds that you could change the colors of to the exact color you wanted. You would be able to choose your own font, for headers and body posts.

Mouse-over effects in this theme design program would be customiziable, so you could have any combination of colors you wanted.

Menu design and locations are very difficult to change in any Wordpress theme. This dream design program would be able to relocate menus anywhere on the page as well as to redesign them.

Page layout, background color and anything else in a Wordpress theme could be changed at the click of a button.

It would get rid of those links to Wordpress and the theme designer at the bottom of every page, too. It might even be able to build in links to your own site, just think how powerful that would be…

Anyone who had this program would be able to use it countless times to design their own websites and every website would have a unique design. If Google ever decided to reward unique designs you would be ahead of the game. Who's to say that that is not already part of their secret algorithm.

You could even use this Wordpress theme design program to design themes for other people, even make a business out of it by designing themes to order. Other businesses doing this charge at least $100 for their service, so there is plenty of room to under cut them in terms of price.

You would want to be able to try it out all the different versions for free and without any risk, of course.

Oh, what a wonderful program that would be…

Whoever designed that program would be able sell it for $200 and have everyone and their dogs would be queuing up at their door to buy it. It would quickly become the next 'Must Have' application as everybody rushed to design their own Wordpress themes using the software.

It already exists.

The theme design program is called Artisteer.

The software company have recently released Artisteer 2.4, which is a vast improvement on the earlier, frustrating to use and bug-ridden Artisteer 2.1. The 2.4 version does everything it says on the box, and more.

It does everything you could ask of it, yet the home and academic version only costs $49.95. There is a 'Standard' version that includes extra graphics and allows a few extra tweaks, but the home version will suffice for most people.

The Artisteer program works by generating random designs at the click of a button. You can then customize every single aspect of the design, individually by clicking different buttons. You can choose between random choices for each feature or from a drop down list of options.

The menu bar appear complicated at first because there are so many customisable features accessible from it, but you become used to it very quickly and in no time at all you will be redesigning your blog themes so they look the way YOU want them to look. You will have no more page rank leakage to Wordpress or theme designers.

You will be able to design your own, perfect and unique Wordpress theme in less time than it takes to find a halfway decent theme by browsing the Internet.

Designing your own themes has one more major advantage of asking a theme designer to make one for you: You can change your mind, every month if you want to, without having to lay out another $100 for a redesign.

Sometimes the limitations of a theme only become apparent after you have used it for a few months and the specifications you gave to your designer are no longer sufficient. You may just want a different layout, perhaps to accommodate larger photographs, without sideways scrolling. With the Artisteer Wordpress theme design program you can modify your self-designed theme with only a few minutes work.

I ham not happy with the Artisteer support system, it should be said, they ignored my emails, but then did you ever try actually talking to the people at Google? My problems with their lack of response also relate to the previous Artisteer 2.1 software and they did address the problems I had with the release of version 2.4. The program really is so simple to use you are highly unlikely to ever need any support from Artisteer.

This theme design software does not only design themes for Wordpress. Even the basic, home, version will produce Blogger themes as well as CSS sheets for static HTML sites. The Standard version will also produce themes for other CMS programs, such as Drupal and Joomla. It is the only program I know that allows you to design your own Joomla theme.

Seasoned designers of Wordpress themes are mocking and scathing in their attacks on this theme design software, in exactly the same way that plumbers are scathing in their attacks on push-fit pipe fittings that need no soldering and for exactly the same reasons. They are concerned lest so many people go for the 'Design Your Own Wordpress Theme' approach that they will have no livelihood.