Work-at-Home Employment

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Have you ever wondered whether work-at-home employment is for you? The number of telecommuters, people that work from home, is growing every year. Work from home is not just for individuals that want pocket change anymore. You can actually earn a full-time income and have a successful career while working from home. Some people telecommute due to health problems, needing to care for a loved one, or simply to avoid office politics. Regardless of your personal reasons for considering work-at-home employment, it's a fact that work from home is not for everyone. Here are some factors to consider before deciding whether work-at-home employment is worth pursing.

1. Knowing Yourself and Work at Home Employment: Work from home normally involves "being your own boss", which is great. However, you must be able to work independently for extended periods without social interaction. If you need constant supervision or constant interaction, work from home may not be for you.

2. Earnings and Work at Home Employment: Whether you can go for a while without making that kind of money. Work-from-home and telecommuting opportunities are out there, but it can take weeks, months, or longer to find a good position. A person can work from home as an independent contractor or a freelancer. On the other hand, a telecommuter is a person who works from home for a company and receives an "employee" status.

3. Work at Home Employment and Customer Service: Decide whether you are willing to do customer service. A customer service position is sometimes the easiest and quickest way to start your work- from-home career. Once you have income coming in, you can search for a different position if you're not satisfied with doing customer service.

4. Be Realistic About Work at Home Employment: Working from home may sound appealing, but it has its pros and cons. You need to stay focused in order to get the work done and meet deadlines. You also need organizational skills to succeed. Additionally, you must have a self-motivating attitude, as no one is there to motivate you.

5. Work at Home Employment and Multiple Contracts: Having multiple contracts creates multiple streams of income. If you lose one contract, you still have your other streams of income to rely on. Even after you start getting steady work, it's a good idea to always look for new contracts. You can always do the minimum amount of work for each company to stay on their database. Focus more on the ones that pay better.  

6. Your Work at Home Employment Search:  Make sure that you can dedicate the needed time to find a legitimate position. Don't expect to earn enough to pay your bills a week or even a month after starting your search. Finding legitimate work from home takes effort and time. Make sure that you are willing to dedicate the time before you start your new endeavor. 

7. Getting Ready for Work at Home Employment: For example, you will likely need a computer with a firewall, virus protection, enough ram, high-speed Internet, and a paid email account. You will also need a dedicated telephone line if you plan to provide customer service from home, as well as a headset and a printer. Depending on the position, you might also need a fax machine and a scanner.

8. Your Work at Home Employment Workstation: If you decide to do customer service, make sure you have a quiet room to work in. Most companies do not want any background noise such as babies crying, dogs barking, or people talking. If you cannot dedicate a room to work from home, set up your workstation in a large closet, or arrange to work when other family member are not home.  

In conclusion, if you decide that work at home employment is for you, don't rush into it. Take your time. There are informative work at home forums where you can gain knowledge and insight. Take the time to do your research, and remember not to pay for a position. Legitimate companies do not charge unless it's a business opportunity. Also, keep in mind that no one gives away money. If a company promises thousands of dollars for a few hours of work, it's a scam. Needless to say, beware of scams that want you to process payments, receive and forward packages, or send mass emails. With the right precautions, you can make work at home employment a success.

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