Oh….The Momma tug of war game that pulls at much more than our heartstrings! That age old school yard game pulls at our bank account strings, our self worth strings and our compare ourselves to other Mom strings.  My strings were firmly tied, in a nice neat bow, until…I heard his voice. 


A Mother’s Intuition?  I believe it’s God’s whisper on my heart.  Last year He whispered so loudly it's still ringing in my ears.  The same voice that led me to jump start a career almost six years ago is once again calling, but this time lassoing me back home.  The whisper came last June along with the realization that this year my soon to be middle schooler would be facing his first summer home alone since I’ve gone back to work.  Being the last man standing (i.e. last child at home) means making fun happen solo.   For almost a year I’ve questioned God’s whisper.  God are you sure you mean leave the career that saved my sanity 6 years ago as an empty house attempted to swallow me whole?  You mean the position that I was incredibly proud to have landed that sent me to far away places after being home for 10 years?  The career that gave me purpose and value beyond everyone having a matching pair of socks as they headed out the door?  The one that with well meaning intentions was meant for “extras” in our lives but swelled into income we counted on?  “Yes, that one.”, He says.


Alright then. 


The good natured jokes from my husband about spending the summer by the pool without a schedule are no longer met with a giggle of agreement as the realization sets in.  The jokes are met with an incredible urge to toss something in his direction.  My summer days of setting video game time limits, twisting a pre-teen’s arm to read while encouraging him to explore new interests are going to require me to rely on God’s help to see me through my new season at home.  That I can handle.  God has equipped each of us with the unyielding strength and knowledge we need as parents to see our children through. 


Now for the part of the equation I dread.   There’s an unspoken line drawn in the sand between Stay at Home Mom’s  and Career Mom’s.  There is an innate desire to solidfy the camp you’re standing in.  Validate your own choice.  How many of the following do you recognize?  “I don’t know how you do it working and taking care of a family.”  “Where do you find the energy and time to get it all done?”  “She really should get out of the house more.”  “I would go crazy if I were stuck at home all day.”  Ouch!   The truth is, I’m rooting for both teams.


As Mother’s we’re called to support each other in God’s work.  The only requirement He has for us as Mother’s is listening to our “intuition”….His whisper.