Anyone who has spent any amount of time searching for online work has at least run across a scam or two. Scam artist are out there and they are looking to take your money away from you. They count on the fact that people are desparate to make extra money in their off duty time. Let's face it, it makes sense to work at home. If you have to be home anyhow, you might as well make some extra money while you are there. It is this desparation that the scammers count on. Here is a list of scams that you can watch for:

  • Envelope Stuffing: Remember that nobody is going to pay you to stuff envelopes. This scheme has been around for a long time. You pay money for an informational package with instructions because you were promised that you could make $1,000/wk. When the package arrives, you discover that you will only make money if you convince someone else to send you money to enroll in the same scam that you fell for.
  • Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM): Also known as pyramid scheme, there are both legimate and scam companies offering multi-level marketing. This works by one person convincing another person to join the company. Then the second person in turn has other people join under him. One way to determine if the company you are about to join is a scam is a buy-in fee. You should not have to pay to become an employee of an existing company. If you do, you are probably about to be scammed.
  • Assembly at your own home: This is a common work at home scam where a company promises big money assemblying their craft or products in your home. They ask that you send them money to cover the "test" product that you will be sent. When the product arrives, you assemble it and send it back. Then you get a letter stating that they have either discontinued the product or your sample did not pass the quality control test.

One fact that most scams have in common is that they have lots of testimonials in their ads from people who claim to have made millions in this business opportunity. Remember the old addage, if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Do yourself a favor, before you sign up for one of these "fantastic" business opportunity make sure that you research it first. Go to a website like and enter the name of the business on one of its forums and see what comes up.

One of the unfortunate things about work at home businesses is that there are more scams than legimate opportunities. So please be careful and do your due diligence before spending any of your hard earned money.