Work At Home Jobs For Moms

In finding work at home jobs for moms, a question I frequently get asked is "What are my options?"

In the case of if you're a mother, chances are you want to be able to have the flexibility to stay at home to raise your kids but still be able to pursue a career or at the very least earn a stable income in a decent job.

Well first of all it is best to understand what your options are in terms of finding work at home opportunities.

Here in this article I will outline three methods and how you can pursue each one.

#1 Pursue a Flexible Work Arrangement In Your Current Job

The first is to ask for a flexible work arrangement from your current place of employment. The most popular flexible work arrangement is a full-time telecommuting agreement.

The reason why this is so popular is because in this kind of flexible work arrangement, you get to work from home in a full-time job you are already familiar with.

Before you decide that this option is impossible for your situation, try reading the process I explain of how to request a flexible work arrangement the right way.

I always recommend this option first for the simple reason that you have nothing to lose from trying. If your company doesn't let you work from home, chances are you are going to quit anyway so why not give it a shot?

Should requesting a work from home agreement fail, this brings us to your next two options, which is to quit your current job and find a work from home job elsewhere.

#2 Find a Work At Home Job Locally

If you type "work at home job" in the search engines for your local area, you might be surprised by the number of decent work from home opportunities that appear.

Alternatively, you can apply to local companies stating that you are looking for a telecommuting or work at home freelancing/contracting position.

While there may not be an abundance of full-time telecommuting positions in your local area, usually there are a handful of companies that are looking for casual, part-time and contract staff that they are willing to let work at home as long as they are within driving distance.

The reason for this is because they want to minimize costs by hiring non-permanent staff who don't use company resources (rental space, electricity etc.) while still being able to call them into the office for meetings or urgent requests.

#3 Find a Work At Home Job Online

I list this option last because for a lot of people it requires a psychological shift to go from working locally in an office to working remotely for someone who might be in a different state or country.

When looking for work at home jobs online, your main options include contract/freelancing positions and part-time or full-time telecommuting positions.

The simplest way to go about finding these jobs is to type "Telecommuting jobs" or "Flex Jobs" in the search engine and then choosing the first to third search results that pop up.

Even then, you might be asking yourself "How do I know these jobs are legit?"

The simplest way you can prevent yourself from being scammed is to stick to the following advice:

  1. If the company advertising the position can't be researched - forget about it
  2. If the company advertising the position asks you to give bank information without giving you a way to verify that they are a legitimate company – forget about it.
  3. If the sites advertising these telecommuting or freelancing positions are asking for ridiculous amounts of money to gain access to the job ads – forget about it

If you get a gut feeling that a job ad is not on the level, ask for more information. It is your right to feel certain and secure, so don't be afraid to ask questions when in doubt

Also, a lot of the sites that advertise these positions have forums where you can interact with people who have used or are using that site. Ask them for recommendations and hear it from people like yourself who have managed to find legitimate job positions.


Finding work at home jobs for moms or for anyone for that matter is fairly the same.

In any case, you basically have three main options you can pursue which are to request a flexible work arrangement with your current company, to find opportunities locally or to find opportunities online.