Everybody will tell you that taking action is critical to your business, it is, but it cannot just be a one-time thing. It must be a persistent action. There are a lot of people on the internet who will attempt to tell you that if you buy a ready-built, turnkey website and use it as the basis of your work at home online business, all you do is spend a few minutes customizing it and then sit back and let it make money for you.

While it maybe right that you will only have to set it up once, but to stop it just being a waste of cyberspace you must consistently promote it, or people will either not know that it ever existed or forget about it.

Well, there goes the fantasy and promises of instant wealth by working online. The internet has increased the number of opportunities for people to be able to work from home so that they can regain some control over their lives, but it's still a business. The principles of business success are still the same whether you work from home or have a more traditional business. Those principles include knowledge, action, persistence, patience and a sustained effort, especially when attempting to get the business started.

After you have got an understanding on how your online business is going to work, you must build it up. How you do this largely depends on the kind of business you are operating but the basics are always the same. To be successful you need clients and to get clients they need to know you exist. And there is only two ways to do that, advertising and marketing.

Having a plan of action and being persistent in implementing it is great, but you have to temper it with a bit of patience. Whatever your primary goal is, it might be to be number one in your niche in the search engine rankings, or get the most visitors ever to a website, it is going to take time while all your marketing efforts reach fruition.

Now you must make a sustained effort to keep your business growing. This is similar to persistence but not quite. It is persisting with your persistence. With the knowledge you gained in your initial efforts to promote your site, you return to the first step and start all over again. This time refine what you did last time and make it even more successful.

While you remain persistent and keep up the sustained efforts mentioned, the business will continue to grow. As it grows the processes and techniques you use to promote your online business will improve. Your online business will start on an upward spiral to success