It's bad enough that you have to go to work everyday. Then they add insult to injury with the idea of work appropriate attire. Now you have to put together a whole wardrobe just so that you can go to a job to earn money to pay off your new work wardrobe.

You can put together a chic look on a budget. They say to dress for the job you want, so this means you should look successful and confident every single day. Granted, early morning routines always seem to get in the way of this. However, if your clothes are easy to take care of and they mix and match you can look great no matter how early you have to be at work.

What does casual Friday even mean? Is it ever appropriate to wear your pajama pants to the office? (Spoiler alert: No it isn't. Not even once. Not even if your coworkers are doing it. Not even on casual Friday. Your pants should always have a waistband at work). Here is how to like your work clothes even if you don't like your job.

It seems like in every office there is at least one woman who didn't get the memo that she was supposed to wear an entire outfit to work. You don't want to be that woman. Instead, dress appropriately. Depending on your office, this probably means sleeves and a modest neckline. Skirts should be at least to the knee. This doesn't mean that you have to look frumpy. Think of all the vintage styles on shows like Mad Men. The women look fantastic and they just wear flattering dresses and versatile pencil skirts with belts.

Get yourself a jacket. Depending on your office you might be working with a lot of other people in suits. These rarely fit properly. Plus, they are expensive. Worst of all they can leave you looking and feeling matronly. Your jacket can be the high fashion piece that stills gets across the fact that you have a sense of style. If you want to feel warm and cozy then go with a velvet blazer. If you want to feel like an actual girl then go with a pale wrap coat with a ruffle edge or belt.

Dressing casually at the office doesn't mean that you can just show up in your sweat pants. Remember that you are still dressing for the job you want, even if it's on a Friday. Invest in a pair of tweed slacks. Then you can pair it with most sweaters and even a heel.

Fit is key when finding work clothes for women. Your office may have a very strict dress code that leaves you feeling disheartened. If you have to wear a white button down shirt make sure it's the right button down shirt. If you have to wear black slacks make sure that they flatter you.

You should try to infuse sophisticated color into your career wardrobe. Almost every color can be office appropriate when done with restraint. If everyone is wearing black, than gray or even brown can seem like a welcome relief. Plus, it will still be a neutral color that you can wear with a lot of different outfits. If you have to wear a suit everyday mix up the blouses you wear underneath. For a fashion forward trend try a shirt with ruffles in a fun color. Keep it classy with a deep purple or teal.

You might just feel blah in your basic uniform or work wardrobe. If that's the case there probably isn't a lot of variation for what you can wear. Mix up your accessories but still keep things tasteful. This is an area where you can infuse color and your own personal style. Plus, it helps turn a basic pair of slacks and a shirt into an outfit. For instance, wearing pearls to the office is a pretty basic and classic idea. Try mixing it up by wearing a super long strand or one with eight or nine strands. This plays on tradition and gives it a young and fresh feel that is still elegant.

You might also want to include a signature item in your everyday work wardrobe. In larger offices not everyone will know your name. This is where it can be useful to have an identifying accessory. This might be a designer handbag or a right hand ring. Invest in something that you love that you can look at while you work and feel accomplished and successful. This will probably become what you are known for throughout the office so don't pick anything that shouldn't come with a coordinating nickname.

Another great option is to go with a vintage inspired work wardrobe. This will include basic pieces. It will also have simplicity of style and form. At the same time you'll look different and a little more dressed up than everyone else in the office. You'll seem put together and fashion forward at the same time. If you don't want to wear a dress to work then try a tight sweater with a pencil skirt in the same color that will look like a dress. When you like what you are wearing there's also a chance that you will like where you are going.

You probably have at least one white button down shirt in your wardrobe. It probably looks just like everyone else's at the office. There are a few ways to update the look so you get your own unique personal style. Plus, it will save you money because these pieces are so readily found and reused. You might want to go with a casual feel by wrapping a soft scarf around your neck several times and then pair it with oversize dchandelier earrings. For a vintage piece put it with heels, gray slacks and a tiny belt around your waist.

Work clothes for women don't have to be matronly or expensive. You can still obey all the rules and infuse your wardrobe with your personality. Who knows? It may even help work seem less like