Lately, work for students fliers, have been getting posted all around college campuses, but here's the thing, in my opinion, work for students, isn't what it makes it self out to be at all! There was a lot of speculations going around the dorm wondering if it were a work for students opportunity or a work for students scam?

Work For Students Scam?
See here's what it turns out to be. Work for students isn't like any other job you'd expect to work at. See instead of going in to a location where you have scheduled hours, get paid a fixed amount and make a certain amount of money based on the amount of hours you work, you don't get paid by the hour or anything like that.

So if you don't get paid by the hour, how do you get paid? Why this is why there's a debate about it being a work for students scam. The first thing you have to do before you can even get close to making money is spend over $100 of your own money on training materials, and then you get paid $15 for each appointment you schedule.

Another reason people may consider is a Work For Students Scam
Because you pay an upfront expense of $100, they expect you to schedule appointments with your family for the first few appointments you make, so pretty much they are counting on exploiting your family members to make their money and they honestly don't care whether or not you make money, they make their money off of you buying the training materials anyway.

Can You Make Money?
Yes you can make money under the work for students program but the truth about work for students is that there's a huge chance you'll end up with less money than you started. Making money with the system is really difficult and if you want to make money, you might end up exercising unethical practices. My recommendation is that it may not be a work for students scam, but I don't recommend it.