A large portion of the population would love to be their own boss, work from home, and have a schedule that they have created. However, before you ditch the day job and go for the gold, you should make sure that it really will work for you. This doesn't mean that I have the answers for the perfect business for you, but rather that you should evaluate your personality and make sure that you have what it takes to be your own boss.

The number one thing that is needed in order to make it on your own is self-discipline. At work there is someone over seeing you and making sure that you are doing your job. Even if you are in management there is still someone you have to be responsible to. At home there will be no one making sure that you get your work done each day. You must have the self-discipline to get the work done and to stay on top of things.

Are you one who can stay organized. Many times the only way to get everything you need to done you will need to stay organized. This doesn't mean that you have to be a guru at organization, but it is important that you are able to stay organized enough that you don't lose stuff, don't spend too much time trying to find things, and don't feel overwhelmed by all that you have to do.

When working for yourself, starting a new business, or trying something new it is often important that you are able to stay motivated. It isn't going to be enough to dream big. Those dreams are likely to start out really small. You may dream of making more money then you did at your day job and find yourself holding a couple of dollars at the end of a hard month of work. It is important that you can stay motivated and keep moving on.

Setting and KEEPING Goals.
It is easy to set goals and it is important to make sure that you are setting goals that you can actually make. However, it is even more important that you are working to keep your goals. It won't be enough to set the goals that you want to get done unless you are actually getting them done. You have to get your goals accomplished if you want to make it on your own.

Will you be able to craft out time from your day to make your new job work. Many people have this idea that they will work from home and make more money in less time. This may work over time, but is rarely the case in the beginning. You need to make sure that you will have the time to focus on your new business. You can't just watch Tv, your kids will be a distraction that can and often do cause issues with your work from home schedule, and you may be pulling some late nights to make sure that all the work gets done.

Are you one who is easily distracted or will you be able to turn off the phone and focus on the project at hand? It is easy to sit down to do your work and find yourself wandering the Internet. Or maybe you go on lunch and turn the TV on just to watch one show and find yourself there for hours. Or maybe today you want to take a few hours off and go out and find yourself not going back. You can't let yourself get distracted all the time or you won't be able to get your work done.

Day Care.
If you are working from home as a part time thing then you may be able to watch your children while doing it. However, you can not expect to make a full time income while taking care of small children full time. There are not enough hours in the day. Your income can supplement the household income, but you aren't likely going to be able to make a full time income. If your kids go to school and you work hard to stay focused and get your work done then you will be able to make more.

Work and Play.
It is important that you have what it takes to get your work done. At the same time you need to be able to make sure that you can call it quits at the end of the day. If you have what it takes to work hard, but you only work hard you will find that you will burn yourself out and you won't be able to keep the pace up all the time. That can often lead to days or even weeks without getting anything done. It can lead to depression and illness as well.

It is also important that you are doing this wisely in terms of your bank account. Many people fail because they think that working from home is easy and they can quit and get started now without a problem. Unless you have a large savings you should do your research and have a plan as to how you are going to make money. Start to make money in your spare time while you still have a day job. Make sure that you are building up your business so that you have money coming in when you quit your job. Make sure you do have some savings in case something goes wrong. It is also a good idea to make sure that you have a plan if it doesn't work out.

If you are going to work from home you need to make sure that you have the perfect balance of being able to work on your own and get lots done and also being able to call it quits. You are going to need to make sure that you are disciplined, motivated, and that you can avoid the distractions when you need to (including the kids). If these aren't things you are good at then you should focus on getting better at these things before you decide to start your own business, work from home, and or quit your day job.