If you want to work from home, and save on that commute and all the stress of the office, then this is great! But working from home is not completely free of hazards!

Trying not to gain weight, is a problem many entrepreneurs have!

If you have a fast metabolism, and can pretty well eat what ever you want, then you are one of the lucky ones, and this doesn't really effect you. But if you have to watch your daily intake and push yourself out the door for some exercise in order to avoid the weight gain, then you have to come up with strategies to help this.

Here are a few tips if you want to work from home and how not to gain weight:

1. Make sure your office is not in the kitchen. If you can set up an area anywhere else in your home this would be best. If you have a nice basement, where you could set up an office, then this would be great, because you would have to make a trip to the kitchen.


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2. First thing in the morning, or before your day starts, take a walk. Put the coffee pot on, or brew some tea, and while this is happening, take your dog or yourself for a good walk around the block, or even a run to get the heart pumping. This will be good for your work day, as exercise gets the creativity going, and this signals the start of the workday!

3. Make sure you set yourself up with scheduled breaks, rather than working away until you are so hungry you could eat a house. You need to keep fueled during your day, but at the same time you have to limit your snacks. The problem is your fridge is right there! So, you are going to have more will power to work and not put on weight if you eat a snack on a regular basis.

4. Drink lots of water. Many times our bodies are thirsty but give the impression of hunger. Try drinking water first, especially if you just had a snack within the last hour or so.

5. Create snacks and a meal plan the night before, or when you are grocery shopping, keep in mind your schedule, and come up with healthy quick to grab snacks that don't take too much time. Such as apples with a spoonful of peanut butter, or low fat cheese strings and a couple of whole wheat crackers.

If you pair up a protein with a carbohydrate then you are less likely to feel that shaky starving hunger you will get if you go too long without eating and then you will eat too much.

Keep the above five tips in mind, especially if you work at a desk or at home and are trying to keep your weight down. Mindless eating is one of the worst things you can do. That is the picking at things in the fridge or in the cupboards while you are trying to decide what to eat.

So if you work at home, then take the time when you do groceries to have simple snack ideas, that you can just grab and not have to prepare, and this way you can take them back to your home office, with your tea, coffee or water, and not start picking. This way you hopefully will get lots of work done, and you won't have the problem of how not to pack on pounds while working at home!