The new worldwide economy has been tough on many families. Large corporations have downsized, resulting in layoffs of hundreds of employees. This has had ripple effects on smaller businesses. They have also laid off workers, or cut back on employment hours. This causes a lot of people to search for new, (or more), work.

For many moms, the economy has put pressure on their finances, while cutting back their ability to work at a part-time job. Even sales clerk jobs are now difficult to find as people cut their employment expectations. Many are forced out of their nine to five jobs and take clerk positions just to earn something. This has affected many moms who want to supplement their family income with additional funds. There is a lot of competition in the workplace.

Luckily, a home based business is a great idea for many mothers. This provides many benefits compared to part-time work outside of the home. Mothers running their own business can earn funds and reduce their expenses at the same time.

Home Based Business Benefits

  • Mom is home more compared to hours of work at a part-time job
  • Commuting costs to a job are eliminated
  • Commuting time is eliminated
  • Mom can work as much, or as little, as she wants
  • Little more than a computer connected to the Internet is required

By working at home, moms can also preserve family dynamics. Too many households are ripped apart due to stresses introduced by finances, job pressures, and commute times. Stress reduces the chances for couples to communicate, resulting in wear to a once loving marriage. A tipping point is often reached and the marriage collapses. The busy, stressful lifestyle even negatively affects the children, often with disasterous consequences.

In a home where both parents work at jobs out of the house, children are often raised with very little adult supervision. They begin to make adult decisions on their own, without the benefit of maturity. Sometimes, choices made which are life changing, and wrong. This alone is why many mothers decide to give up their job in order to stay at home.

When starting a home based business, moms gain many benefits, besides the improved connections to the children. The potential to earn money is key as well. These two factors can combine to make the stay at home mother very successful.

There are many types of work that women can do at home. It is an entrepreneurial lifestyle that rewards flexibility and devotion. Many women decide to base their home based work on their favorite hobbies.

A mom who is a talented at sewing children's clothes can monetize her skills. With a simple web page, she can start selling these products to the world. With talent and good ideas, profits can be gathered.

Practically any hobby can form the basis of a new business venture. For example, women with business skills can write about their experiences. Many other people would benefit from such knowledge. Again, a simple web site can be established. Many writing sites are set up that pay for such articles.

Infobarrel is one such site. By signing up for a free account, anyone can start to publish articles for money. Each is monetized with revenue earning advertisements that are displayed on the pages. Viewers to the article are shown the ads. This results in money for the author. If viewers engage with the ads, more money is earned by the author.

Infobarrel sets up a revenue sharing system. At least 75% of the time, the ads earn money for the author. Conversely, 30% of the time, the ads earn money for the site operators. This site is practically unique as it rewards more frequently publishing authors. By contributing more articles in a month, the author is rewarded with more ad earning time in the next month. The top earning authors have their ads displayed 90% of the time. This level is not difficult to attain.

Writing articles can be done by most anyone. Clearly written, original content is required. A number of categories are available. Article topics that fit a category are recommended. The author establishes a title topic and writes an article that is focused on it. If the text is relevant to the author's experiences, it should be easier to write.

Article Writing Guidelines

Good quality is essential - Infobarrel provides a quality indicating score. The article must attain 41 points or more. Longer articles tend to score better.
Relatively long articles are better - always publish at least 1001 words in order to maximize earning potential.
Provide styling for shorter paragraphs - displayed articles look better with paragraphs that are two or three sentences only. Long sentences are not advised.
Provide the main topic in the title - titles can be several words long.
Always submit original content - even your own previously published work cannot be duplicated. Totally new work is always best.
Write about your experiences - if you know the topic, your article will be easier to write.
Research your topic - everyone needs to check facts and provide a better experience for the reader.
Write with monetization in mind - you may be an expert on ancient Hungarian poetry. Few others are. Such a topic cannot be expected to attract very many readers. Viewer traffic is a major factor for earning money. If possible, choose a topic that is relevant to more people.
Do not cover broad topics - while a large population base of viewers is excellent, it can be too broad. Writing about "America" may seem to be a good way to appeal to millions of potential viewers. The topic, however, is amazingly broad. A better approach would be to write about "A Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada".

Whether moms want to sell their goods online, write articles for revenue, or perform other services, they have the opportunity to earn money at home. They can improve the family dynamics by just being home more. They can supplement the family finances. They can gain new skills. Most importantly, they can improve the child raising environment with their presence. These benefits are the reason why many women work from their own neighborhoods. The cost savings, and life improvements, are excellent benefits as well.