Work gloves are something that everyone needs, but no one really thinks that much about. Your hands need to be protected. Without your hands, you are not going to be able to perform even the most simple of tasks.

This is exactly what work gloves are designed to do. They protect your hands from begin harmed. They protect you from wounds as simple as blisters to as harmful as cuts and even bone breaks.

Just like everything else, work gloves run the entire spectrum as far as quality goes. You can buy them for $2 a pair or pay up to $60 or $70 a pair. I think it all depends upon how dangerous the work you are doing. I always wear a cheap pair of leather work gloves while I am raking , while I will break out the expensive pair of gloves when I am using a chainsaw. I also have a pair of cold weather work gloves for shoveling snow or while I am drilling holes in the ice for ice fishing.

There are many different kinds of work gloves that are made by many different companies.  Here are some of the favorite work gloves that I have owned:

  • Duluth Trading Co Men's Waterproof "Weather Leather" Gloves:  These gloves are more than a little pricey, but I also like to say that you get what you pay for because they are both waterproof and insulated. There is nothing more irritating than a pair of gloves that gets soaked.
  • Duluth Trading Co. Men's Ironclad Gloves: These gloves will protect your hands from blisters and abrasions, while keeping them warm and dry at the same time. These gloves are also lightweight and form-fitting, allowing you to use your tools while wearing them.
  • Carhartt Insulated Leather Nylon Waterproof Breathable Glove: When you buy these gloves, you are also buying Carhartt's impeccable reputation. These gloves have 100 grams of thinsulate in the palms and 150 grains in the back to provide superior warmth. Since they are a Carhartt product, you can be assured that they are tough. I have owned a pair of these and I can tell you personally that they are warm, comfortable, as well as tough.
  • Men's Work Dexterity Glove, Grain Pigskin: These gloves have a spandex back that is designed to give your hand maximum dexterity, as well as a palm that is padded with suede pigskin to maximize your grip. These are truly a must for everyone who spends their whole day gripping tools.

Work gloves are not only worn by people who work outside, or carpenters, but weekend warriors, and even gardener's need to wear them. You have been given a few examples of some of the top-of-the line work gloves here. I have both warm weather and cold weather work gloves and I love them all.

A nice pair of work gloves

Work GlovesCredit: Duluth Trading Co WebsiteCredit: Duluth Trading Co Website