Like most things in life. Too much of anything can become a problem. We all know or have heard about the dangers of high-heeled shoes. But what is it about them that bring some people into an obsession and love affair. Some people are so in love with shoes to the point of having hundreds of pairs of stilettos with different colors, styles, and a unique pair to wear with just about every look. These lovely shoes have a rich history, for both sexes and there are conflicting stories concerning accurate documentation of their emergence. There became records of men and women wearing them in the 16th century, and records of heels painted on ancient murals, tombs, and temples in Egypt.

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We are constantly warned about the dangers of pumps and stilettos but when we hear this, it doesn’t seem to affect wearers in the least bit. Trading them in for a pair of orthopedic shoes or comfortable flats is just out of the question. We all know, we just usually wear now and pay later. What are the risks and benefits of wearing stilettos and pumps regularly?


Potential damages

  • Longterm extended wear of high-heeled shoes may cause ingrown toenails, nerve damage, and bunions.
  • Overuse of high heels can potentially cause lower back pain, muscle spasms, and shortened muscles in your calves.
  • Irreversible damage such as plantar faciitis, osteoarthritis of the knee and damaged leg tendons.
  • Wearing high heels in excess may injure and overwork leg muscles.

 Why do we wear stilettos and pumps despite the risks?

  • High heeled shoes give the wearer the illusion of being inches taller, having longer legs, and a lifted backside.
  • Pumps create a sexier look and a sensual feeling for some women.
  • Wearing high heels creates an exaggerated walk and increase in hip rotation.
  • They give an outfit a more expensive look.
  • Some women even feel that stiletto's create a more feminine look, helps attract men or  just increases self-esteem. Stilettos and pumps create a feeling of being a Goddess or Supermodel for some women!

How you can avoid injury and damage

Don't overdo the length of your stilettos or pumps. The higher the potential for damage and accidents. Your feet will be held in an unnatural shape for an extended time. You must make sure that you have the correct size to ease any problems.Wear your pump during times you won't walk too much. Bring a more comfortable shoe with you in case of an emergency or if you would like to switch out and take a break. For example, no flip-flops in the car, use a pair of comfortable shoes and change into your pumps before you get out of the car. High heels have been around a very long time and look like they are here to stay. There will always be a love affair with pumps. Just make sure you keep it safe.

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