Balancing work and life


Work life balance is the ability of an individual to manage  his/ her commitment to family, career, society and other interests. Managing work life balance is one skill that every individual who is working at a full time job, either at home or at the office, needs to possess. Achieving work life balance is a matter of setting one’s priorities right and striking a healthy balance between work and life that makes life peaceful and interesting. Life today is a major rat race and most people are trying to be the top rat. They are so engrossed in their work, career and commitment to work, much to the disadvantage of the family and other social commitments. But what one needs to understand is that when family and personal life is put on the back burner, conflict of interests arises and stress and worry come into play.


Balancing  work and life  - a few pointers

Balancing work life - family

Get your priorities right Yes, you need advancement in your career, but not at the cost of your personal interests, including your family. Career is not only about money or position; it is also about satisfaction. If your career only results in stress, then satisfaction is at an all time low for sure.Work life balance

Focus on family Most of us are working hard for our families. It would be absurd if the very reason we workhard is neglected. No spouse or child likes to be ignored; in fact, no human being likes to be ignored. Spending quality time with your family will not only strengthen your relationships and make you happier, but it would also give you that, much valued support in times of difficulty, especially at work. Your family needs not only material support form you but also emotional and social support. So bringing home money alone is not sufficient. Any marriage needs a lot of time and energy to make it work. When an individual is not able to achieve work life balance, this is the first area that suffers.

Emotional and mental health When an individual has strained relationships with the family and is stressed out at the job that he/ she is working, his/ her mental health and emotional health is constantly eroded. When your mental and emotional health is not sound, your productiveness, efficiency and team performance is greatly affected. So if you are looking at advancement in your career, you need to care of your mental and emotional health. It would be wise to invest time at home, because your home environment dictates your mood and your performance to a large extent.

Balancing life and work

Health Remember that old saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack/Jane a dull boy/girl.’ Working for long hours at your desk takes its toll on your health. Being out doors getting some physical activity takes the back seat. It is good to keep in mind that trying to achieve too much within a short period of time may back fire on you.

 Eating right If you are working late hours at your desk it is also highly possible that you are not eating right, just making do with what is available to get on with your work. I do not have to wax eloquent on eating right, the dangers of eating junk food and lack of physical activity will have set a time bomb ticking in you.

Fatigue  Long hours at work makes fatigue set in. Fatigue causes you to commit errors at work and is a major cause of poor decision making. Constant fatigue causes lowering of immunity and poor health. This brings us to the next point of rest.

 Relaxation and rest You need regular breaks from work.  A mind that is constantly working is unable to produce its best. Your body and mind need rest and relaxation to be able to recoup, refresh and be renewed in vigor and efficiency. It also reduces the stress and strain of work and puts your focus on fun and enjoyment of life, thereby helping you gain balance in life. Even robots need maintenance, so why shouldn’t you? Relaxation helps you to recharge yourself physically and emotionally.

Spiritual health One other important point is you are not just mind and body, you also have a soul/spirit/Athma  you need to take your spiritual health into consideration. Meditation is a wonderful way to balance your spiritual life. 

Balancing work life - work

 Time management Most people are working for long hours because of poor time management. Proper prioritization, planning and execution helps you to use your time efficiently. Proper time management also means that you schedule your time for both work and play.

Organize your work  A disorganized and unprofessional approach to work causes you to waste more time, and a proper work plan will help you be organized at work and efficient in terms of productivity. Set goals and work towards achieving them in a focused manner, and it will bring you great results.

 Use technology to your benefit With so much of technological improvement, travel time can be saved. Conference calling, telecom, etc. could be used to help you have more time with your family. Using electronic schedulers and planners would help you be more organized and reduce wastage of time.

 Delegation of work Proper delegation of work will ensure that you are not overloaded. Very often, perfectionists are unable to delegate their work. They always feel that they would be the best person to do the job. What you need to remember is that a good manager is one who builds up his team by proper delegation

Be assertive  Assertiveness is being able to say ‘no’ and enough is enough without having to feel guilty. It proves your level of confidence in your decisions and your 

Balancing work and life

willingness to assert for your rights. Most often the skewing of work life balance occurs due to lack of assertiveness skills. People take your inability to assert yourself as a sign of weakness and tend to make you do what is not essentially your call of duty. Just seeing that you are spending more time at work makes people load you with more responsibilities, skillfully making you believe that you have the potential to take on more.

 Managing work life balance

Work life balance is a continuous process of self improvement, so take time to examine your priorities and realigning your life from time to time. It would help if you could use the above mentioned points to examine your life. It is all about striking the right balance to have a win - win strategy.  Managing work life balance means higher productivity, peace of mind a happier family and a solid support system. So take a break today and do some introspection.