As you work towards building up your career you may come to the realization that you hate the path your life is one. Maybe you have achieved the dream of having a nice house, hot wife, active kids, 3 cars, a boat, and everything else you may have desired to have in your life; however once you achieve all of this you may come to the realization that all of these material possessions are irrelevant if you are not happy.

Often time’s people who have never achieved these successes may feel that they are a “loser” or at least not near as successful as the people who have accomplished these things and are able to buy new things at will. Again the perceived success to failure is not as important as to how you feel as an individual. If you are happy with life and your kids and family eat and are healthy then there is no reason not to see yourself as a success, even if you do not buy a new car every 2 years.


When you are going through life you may find that the ups and downs are much easier to navigate of you have a college degree or other skill set such as a welder. If you can easily find work then it makes your life much easier because you can make more money with your skill set then can a high school dropout who cannot read. Yes, I know that you do not have to have a college degree to be successful and there have been numerous high school dropouts who have became very successful; however statistically you have a much better chance to succeed in life with s set skill set such as having a college degree because it makes you more marketable and allows you to earn more money.

Swing(121487)Credit: a marketable skill set such as a vocation like welding or a college diploma will help you to be more successful in life but it is by no means a guarantee of success. The problem occurs when you are using your skill sets and own everything you could ever imagine and are still unhappy.

Money can buy happiness such as allowing you to pay your bills on time but it does not promise a means to guarantee your happiness. Look at how many millionaires have committed suicide because they were so unhappy with their life. Money can help to make you happy but you need to have their things also. Fortunately the other things you need to be happy can often be accomplished without money.

Things such as playing board games with your family while you joke around, laugh, and eat homemade caramel popcorn can help to make your life every enjoyable and happy, of course it helps to have a good job so that you and your family are not having game night inside of a cardboard box in a cold alley because you are homeless.

Some careers cannot be done and keep a healthy amount of time to spend with your family. If you are a long-haul truck driver then you will be away from your family for weeks and even months at a time without seeing them. If being with your family is your priority then you should work to try and transition into a new career where you can come home each day and spend time with your family. Spending time with your family should be your ultimate priority.

A great balance would be the ability to earn a lot of money while doing work you love while still having plenty of time to spend with your friends and family. Often times it can seem that we are either making a lot of money and at work all of the time and never get to see our family or we get to spend a lot of time with our family but have no money to take them on vacations or other activities.

There is nothing wrong with doing hard manual labor work but if at the end of the day you are extremely tired and simply need to go to bed super-early then you are missing out on family time. If you can instead have a physically easier job such as an office job you may feel refreshed when you get home and look forward to playing with your kids outside. For some people though who move from a manual labor job to a physically easier office job will find they are mentally exhausted. None of these are good alternatives if you do not enjoy your job. Work towards getting a job that you can enjoy, earn enough money with, and still be able to spend quality time with your family.

It is much easier to get a job that will fit all of these demands if you have a marketable skill set. It is never too late to go back to college, even if it is part time. You may also find that you can volunteer your time on the weekends at a place such as Kodiak Northwest which will allow you to learn welding skills that can be used in a career transfer.

It is important that you decide what you would like to do and what you need to do and then discuss it with your spouse. Make sure you are both on the same page and you have her support and then work hard towards the career change that will benefit you and your entire family.

You may find a new job or taking college courses part time is enough to open up your mind to a whole new world of possibility. This can help to energize you and allow you to reach your goals sooner. You will also provide a great example to your kids who see their parent working extremely hard at getting a new skill set or a college diploma. Further training will help you to accomplish your work life balance. It does not matter whether you choose vocational training or college classes.