copy paste softwareThere are various options in terms of a copy & paste software on the internet. The most useful ones are those which can extend your clipboard history because standard settings in Windows / Mac OS allow user to store only one entry in clipboard at a time.

I believe it happened to you at some point – you had copied some important link or useful text in your clipboard and mindlessly replaced it by another copy command. Say goodbye to such a problem by using a tool called Clipboard History on your PC. It allows you to store and easily access up to twenty most recent text snippets copied to your clipboard along with additional twenty user-defined text snippets (called stickies). Its special paste menu can be accessed by a Caps Lock key which many people don’t use nowadays.

Clipboard History installation

This software is a freeware and you can download it at this webpage by clicking on the ‘Download Clipboard History for Windows…’ link. The installation is pretty straightforward; just go ahead with all installation dialogs by accepting defaults. After the installation finishes a new icon appears in windows tray area (bottom right corner). Click on it to see the paste menu and click on ‘Configure’ option to access the main program configuration dialog.

clipboard history configuration

Clipboard history configuration menu

The configuration dialog shows two lists and several configurable options. The list on the left side contains the actual clipboard history items and the right list contains stickies. Both lists contain buttons to edit or delete the items or move them in the list. There are some predefined items which you can delete of course.
clipboard history configuration list
All clipboard items are added to the left list automatically by launching the copy command (CTRL+C) in any Windows application.

Additional options are fine as they are set by default but you can change some of them. You can specify a list of terms excluded from being added to the clipboard history in ‘Ignore if text contains’ textbox. If you would like to use a keyboard shortcut rather than a Caps Lock key (they claim that this application is the only copy & paste software that uses this key); you can do this by selecting the radio button marked on following screenshot.
clipboard history configuration options
The hotkey Alt+C is pretty good too and you can get used to it quite easily, but you can choose any hotkey that you like by pressing the desired key combination. By default only 10 items are allowed to be stored in history and you can raise this limit by increasing the ‘Items to remember option’ up to 20 items. There are also some advanced options which you won’t need to change as a regular user.

Clipboard history paste menu

Let’s have a look at the paste menu which can be accessed in any Windows application by pressing the defined hotkey.
clipboard history paste menu
You can see the list of automatically added clipboard history items at the top. Each of these items have a number assigned which means that by pressing that number on the keyboard the particular text snippet will be pasted to your application. The same applies for stickies which have letters starting with A,B,C.. You can also paste the current date and time, delete all history entries or delete the actual clipboard content from this menu. The ‘Add clipboard content to stickies’ option will save the current text in clipboard as a new stickie.

TIP: The stickies feature is great for storing common texts like signature, names, places, usual e-mail addresses etc. that you can have on hand anytime in any windows application.

I find this piece of software very helpful as it can save you a lot of frustration (at least it did for me) after losing a particular text from the clipboard. I would say that for its very low price of zero dollars it’s the best copy & paste software out there.


Copy & Paste software for Mac Users

Mac users can use their version of Clipboard History. It is paid application (available in the Mac App Store) but includes also ability to store images and formatted text snippets (PDF, HTML).