We can't always get to the gym (and sometimes we just don't want to go) but that doesn't mean we can't get a decent workout in at home. Read tips for working out in your house without expensive gym equipment.

Things You Will Need

stability ball
free weights
optional: small gym equipment mentioned in this article

Step 1

Buy or rent a DVD or watch workouts online or on TV for Pilates, yoga, and aerobics. Doing these types of exercises at home can result in a decent workout in 20 minutes or less with a small amount of space required.

Step 2

There are small and inexpensive pieces of workout equipment that you can use at home and store when you don't need them.

-a rebounder (mini trampoline) can fold up and store away and burn calories, cleanse your lymphatic system, and help you get in a high results workout with low impact. Some rebounders even have calorie counting devices and stability bars built in.

-Stability ball. A stability ball can be available for under $20 and you can bounce on it while you work at your computer, while you watch tv, and you can incorporate it into workouts where you use it for crunches, to aid you with pushups, and help you with core exercises.

-Balance boards, free weights, resistance bands, Thera band balls, jump ropes, inversion tables, jump ropes, mini bikes, and mini elliptical machines can all be available and easily stored in a closet when not in use.

Step 3

Work out at your desk at home or at the office. There are hands free exercise bikes you can have under your desk to tone your lower body, you can sit on an exercise ball while you work to develop your core muscles, you can use free weights at your desk to tone your arms.

Making an effort to work out at home for just a few minutes a day can add up to calories burnt and a healthier you. Whether you're a gym goer who can't make it every day or someone who wants to work out in the privacy of your own home, it's important to make fitness a part of your regular lifestyle. The great things is that once you get started and see results, it can become something you crave rather than avoid.

Tips & Warnings

-Do be careful that you're safely using workout equipment at home. Follow manufacturer's guidelines

-Also be careful to closely monitor your health with your family doctor. If you're new to working out or have medical issues, you may be advised to avoid certain workout regimens.