1. Don't skimp on buying some nice staple furniture for your place that you will still love 10 years from now. Since there isn't much room, try a comfy armless love seat or recliner-more often than not, you won't be fitting a full-sized sofa in your place, but you won't have large furniture to move around either! Also, stick with neutral colors and simple patterns; for example, a white couch can be accented with colorful throw pillows or blankets of your color choice!
  2. With limited floor space, it's hard to find a place to put everything-so look to your walls!! For an office space, place a jumbo corkboard on the wall and it will become a catchall for pictures, bills, important papers, etc. In your kitchen (check with your landlord first if the place isn't yours), and hang your pots and pans from the wall or the ceiling! You could even hang your utensils in a pattern above the counter or stove.
  3. If you have an open space like a studio or dorm-accentuate your space! You can create the illusion of a "living room" by purchasing a high-backed couch and pushing it up against the foot of the bed, leaving more space for your other furniture. You could also find a couch that rolls out into a bed and get a nice memory foam slip for the basic foldable mattress. This gives you a sleeping place, and a quick way to get rid of your bed during the daytime.
  4. With a little bit of creativity and planning, you could also take your small space and create visual separations of the different rooms. Try making each corner of the room a different "room" like an office with a small desk and a chair that fits under it, with a desk lamp (or one that stands on the floor next to the desk) and hang your corkboard up on the wall above the desk. Then you could place a futon or fold out couch in another corner with a small table that you can place in front when you are not sleeping. This will stand as your living room complete with a coffee table-avoid large decorations like vases or pottery- try a single elegant candlestick instead! You could even find a tall table for two with two barstools to create a "dinning room" without the space consumption of a normal dinning table.
  5. After you have placed your furniture, it's time to decorate! It makes the room appear more spacey when you have a uniform color throughout-multiple themes distract the eye to specific spots in the room and make it appear smaller. Don't be afraid to use color! Just keep the colors consistent!
  6. If a lot of furniture is out of the question, make your bed the focal point of the room! Buy splurging on an upholstered soft headboard and tossing some large and small pillows on it, you make it the most comfortable place to hang out!
  7. If you have a closet, its likely that its jam packed and disorganized (you know if you're normal anyways), but the key to nice small spaces is organization! So take everything out of that closet, separate your things into keepers and donations, and organize what you DO want to keep. Get creative by using things like stackable shelves or crates-even magazine holders to separate and organize your things.

Lastly, just remember- organization and cleanliness are what really make a small place seem as big as it possible can. Clutter and messiness only take up more precious space.