There are legitimate work at home jobs available for teenagers who want to earn extra cash. In today’s job market, teens are competing with adults who have lost jobs and are willing to take any employment available to pay their bills and support their families. Most adults also have their own transportation, making them more reliable than teenagers who need a ride back and forth to work.

Given that many teenagers seem to be connected constantly to their laptops, they may as well work from home and earn money in their spare time.

A creative teenager who can think outside the box can earn cash while in the comfort of her own bedroom. Some of these suggestions require some parental help and guidance, as teens are young and do not have business experience. This is a good opportunity to work together for a common goal and to teach your teen about starting her own online business.

Work at Home Job for Teens #1 Sell Your Unused Things on EbayWoprk at home jobs for teens-sell their old toys and music on EbayCredit:

Teens can work at home part-time by selling their unused toys, clothing and games on Ebay. You need to be eighteen to have an account, so a parent will have to open an account for her child. A parent must also be willing to drive her child to the post office to mail packages once the items have been paid for.

I would also suggest a joint email account solely for selling on Ebay, so both parent and teen have access to buyer questions. Some buyers are a bit nuts or shifty, and a parent needs to help out with these situations.

Once your teenager learns how to use upload items onto Ebay, selling her old toys, collectible cards and video systems is a great way to earn cash. On the plus side, she will be cleaning out her room in the process!

Work at Home Job for Teens #2 Take Online Surveys

Many online survey sites allow teenagers to take surveys and get paid for their time. Sites such as Cashcrate want teenagers’ opinions, as they are some of society’s biggest spenders. Before parents permit their child to take online surveys, investigate the site and make sure it is legitimate.  My kids earn money on Kidzeyes.

Work at Home Job for Teens #3 Open a Store on Zazzle

Most teenagers are tech-savvy and can create designs on their computer. Why not have them upload their works of art or expressions and create their own tee shirts, mugs, totes, and other items right on Zazzle? It is free to have an account and a store. Zazzle manufacturs the merchandise and ships it for you, as well as takes care of any returns.

It is very easy to open a store and start designing. In fact, with one design, you can create over one hundred products at a time!

Work at Home Job for Teens #4 Tutoring

There are children who struggle with school and their parents are unable to help them, mainly because parents and children lock horns. Hiring a certified teacher can cost anywhere form twenty-five to fifty dollars an hour, and tutoring centers can cost hundreds of dollars to join. Teenagers who get good grades can turn their smarts into cash by advertising their tutoring services.

You can create flyers to put in the mailboxes of families in your neighborhood. Advertise your rates and hours of availability. Parents can come to your home for the tutoring sessions. Make sure the teen’s parents are home, too in case a client tries not to pay.

Work at Home Job for Teens #5 Aftercare Sitter

Working parents often need some kind of after school child care arrangement. While some schools do offer those services, others do not, especially for middle school aged children. A neighborhood teen can offer her time after school to babysit in her home and help with homework. A teen who drives can offer her services for more money if she is able to transport children to after school activities.

Work at Home Job for Teens #6 Run an Art ClassWork at home jobs for teens-run an art classCredit:

Crafty teens can work from home doing something that they love. If a teen is good at crafting and with kids, she can create a sixty to ninety minute craft class to be done from her home. Set an age limit for the class, for example, kids six to nine. Decide on a craft and investigate how much the materials will cost per child. From there, you can establish a cost per child for taking the class, which will include a profit for the teen. Payments should be made upfront with some kind of no-show policy and a late pick-up fee.

Advertise with people you know in the neighborhood or from school who may have younger siblings. For the first few times, limit the number of children you admit to your class so you know what works. Have a parent at home to make sure everything stays under control and parents pick the children up in a prompt manner.


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Work at Home Job for Teens #7  Write for Info Barrel

Another opportunity for teenagers to work from home is to write online content at websites such as Info Barrel. While your teen will need to learn about search engine optimization, backlinking, and all of the other tips and tricks of the trade, if done properly, teenagers working from home now will be earning an income well into the future. Think of all of the college costs and spending money being deposited right into their accounts of being invested in a Roth IRA.

Teenagers also have a fresh perspective on all things that are new. They have a different point of view and interests different from us older folks. Creating new niches to write about should not be a problem for them.

Teenagers who want to work at home can earn money if they use their talents. Parents should be encouraging and be available to help them in any manner in order to be successful. The support you offer your child in his or her venture will take them far.