If you have spent any time looking for a work at home job, you have encountered at least a hundred work at home scams for every legitimate job that is out there. This is a growing trend in the work at home industry. There are many people who prey on the desire of people to work at home. Whether you are new to the work at home arena or are a seasoned vet, you need to know what to look out for when it comes to work at home scams.

Never Pay for a Job

This is the number one rule to live by to avoid work at home scams. Many scams will ask you for a registration or processing fee to make it sound legitimate. There are even work at home scams who ask for money for training materials to make their offer sound real. You would not have to pay money to get a job outside of the house. Do not pay for a work at home job.

Do Not Process Money Orders

This is always a work at home scam. You will get an email from a business that is out of the company that will want you to process money orders for them. They will send you a money order that you will cash and in turn buy money orders to send to them. You will keep a percentage of the money as your payment. This is one of the biggest work at home scams that is out there. You could end up in jail over this one.

Avoid Work at Home Job Offers That Sound Too Good to Be True

If a work at home job offers you $25 an hour for a job and says that no experience is necessary, you need to run the other way. Common sense will help to steer you away from these types of work at home scams. No job will pay a large salary for no experience or less then full time hours. This is not never never land. This is the real world and your expectations for pay should reflect that.