I'm sure you've all heard of tons of work at home job opportunities. There are so many people who end up searching and searching the internet for job opportunities, but there are so few that seem to be legitimate. The key is to search and look in the right places. There is a job out there called transcription. I'm sure a lot of you have heard of it before at some point or another. If you don't know what that means exactly, it means that you're a typer. You have a dictation (voice recording) of some sort, whether it be a legal, medical or general dictation, you will transcribe (type) the audio file up into a finished document. Many, many companies hire people out of their homes to do this type of work. Medical transcriptionists usually need to have some type of experience or graduate from an approved school, such as Career Step, LLC, to be placed with a legitimate company. You also need to be able to understand foreign dialect as many medical personnel speak. This in conjunction with huge medical terms that you've probably never heard spoken before can be very difficult to comprehend. That's why training for a medical or legal transcriptionist is almost necessary, unless you have on the job training under your belt. HOWEVER, there are plenty of general transcription jobs out there that are hiring.

Some of these companies require you to have experience, while others, you just need to have good, fast typing skills. Many of these companies will ask you to take a quick typing test of some sort to let them know if you will be a good canidate for the position. They're usually sent to you through a link in your email, but some of them have a link right on the application. Go ahead and get a resume together as well because most of them like you to upload one on the application page. There are lots of search engines that will let you see a free resume template to give you a good idea of how to start out. Be honest on your resume. It's okay if you don't have much relevant experience, but if you're a fast typer, make sure you list that under a "skills" section on your resume (usually found towards the bottom of the page).

Some companies require a quick turn around time (TAT) of 12-24 hours, so you need to be dedicated and be ready to put in some hours. The pay is usually pretty good. Be sure to compare tasks and pay scale per company as they may be very different. Something that 's fabulous is that some of the larger companies will hire you on as being considered an employee so you get lots of great benefits, usually if you're full time. Most of them, however, hire you as an independant contractor so you can work for more than one company if you please and if you have the time. Don't take more than one on starting out. Make sure you get the hang of it first. Many companies like for you to use the Express Scribe program. You can download it for free and it doesn't take up much space at all.

Here is a list of companies to research. They all have websites and application links with job skills and requirements listed on there as well.

-GMR Transcription


-Mulberry Studio

-Purple Shark

-Daily Transcripts

-Morningside Partners, LLC

-Mountain West Processing

-RNK Productions


Keep researching and I bet you'll find more. Be sure that you never have to pay a fee!! You should never have to pay a fee to work for someone.. they pay you, remember. Good luck in your job search!