Disciples Crosses can be made in a variety of colors.

What is a Disciples Cross?

Disciples Cross was founded by John Raymond, the Pastor of New Horizon Christian Fellowship in Slidell, Louisiana, as a craft idea at a summer youth camp in the early 90's. The crosses became very popular after John wore one of the unique, hand-made crosses on the Emmy Award winning CBS television show, Survivor: Thailand.

Disciples Crosses are jewelry made out of bent nails, held together with colored wire. Most often they are necklaces but can also be made into key chains and zipper pulls. The nails are meant to remind Christians of the large spikes that nailed Jesus to the cross. The wire represents the thorn branches twisted into the crown to mock Christ. The simulated leather cord stands for the leather straps used to beat Jesus before He was crucified.


Can I really make money by making Disciples Crosses?

That depends…Disciples Cross has a buy back program, and this is where most people seem to have problems with the company being branded as a scam. The buy back program is extremely picky. The jewelry submitted must be perfect for Disciples Cross to purchase them from you because they use it to represent the company as samples as well as selling it themselves. Many people simply do not make the necklaces to the expected quality. I would not recommend making Disciples Crosses if you only expect to sell them back to the company.

You can make a lot more money if you can sell the necklaces yourself. Most people can make a good, high quality product (just not the perfection required by the buy back program). The materials cost just over $2 each and the retail is recommended about $10, but you can set the price at whatever you can sell them for. Once you purchase the materials to make the crosses, they are yours to sell in any way you want. The program encourages you to sell the crosses and even has recommendations listed on the website: fundraisers, craft fairs, clubs, local churches, local Christian Bookstores, local shops and boutiques. These sales can be made outright or on commission.

My husband makes and sells Disciples Cross necklaces. He primarily sells them at his bands merchandise table. He also sells them on commission to local ministries as a fundraiser. Obviously, we have not become millionaires, nor have we made enough money to support ourselves, by making cross necklaces. But my husband has definitely made a nice profit in his spare time, usually while watching tv. We have never bothered to try to sell necklaces back to Disciples Cross because they sell almost as fast as my husband can make them.


How difficult are the crosses to make?

The starter kit from Disciples Cross comes with an instructional DVD. It is a very complete step by step instruction guide, but there is a learning curve to get the process right. Be prepared to spend some time and mess up a couple crosses as you learn. Once you get the process down the crosses assemble rather quickly.

Average physical strength in your hands is required. You don’t need to be a body builder, but this is not a project you can do easily with arthritis. Nails are bent by hand using vice grips or locking jaw pliers. The wire is wrapped using needle nose pliers to finish it off. Special knots are tied by hand. You need to determine for yourself if you have the strength and dexterity to do these tasks. Several of the reviews I read saying Disciples Cross is a scam are written by people with physical issues which caused them be unable to complete the necklaces easily.

John Raymond, the founder of Disciple Cross, says he makes crosses in about 5 minutes. It takes my husband longer, but he is usually watching tv at the same time. We don’t keep track of his time because we are not trying to mass produce as many crosses as possible. This is his relaxing spare time hobby, which happens to create a good extra income.


How much does it cost?

My husband spent about $125.00 to start up. He bought the starter kit from Disciples Cross, some pliers, and the clear coating needed to protect the crosses. This gave him materials and tools to make 25 necklaces. He sold those necklaces for $7.00 each almost right away, making $175.00. This gave him a $50.00 profit just from the first 25 necklaces. After that, supplies cost him just over $2.00 per necklace. Most people sell their necklaces for more than $7.00, but we have found this to be a good price at band concerts.

The Starter Kit comes with a 30 day 100% refund guarantee if you decide that the Disciples Cross program is not for you. You do not have to pay monthly membership fees or any extra fees above the cost of materials and shipping. Materials usually arrive 2 -3 days after ordering, so my husband does not have to invest a lot of money purchasing huge quantities – he orders what he needs as he makes and sells the necklaces.


So, is Disciples Cross a scam or real opportunity?

Disciples Cross is a great opportunity as long as it is a good fit for you personally. This may be a good business for you if:         

            ● You enjoy working with your hands.

            ● You have good hand strength and dexterity.

            ● You do not want to invest a lot of up front cash.

            ● You are willing to find or already have places to sell the crosses.

            ● You want to create extra income and do not need to rely on making crosses as a full time job.

My husband has found Disciples Crosses to be a great source of extra cash made in his spare time. We have not found the company to be a scam, but it is not the right product for everyone. Making Disciples Crosses is a wonderful money making hobby. In our experience, it is probably not going to produce enough income to be a full time job for most people. My husband does not want to spend his entire work week making crosses; he is a musician who enjoys making jewelry. We have been able to sell everything he has made. So, for us…it’s a perfect and profitable fit!