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Make Money from Your Own Homeearning money on the internet

Believe it or not there are more and more people with little or no experience earning money on the internet.No you do not have to be a top scholar.There are several places to earn money and write articles on any subjects at all.Some of these give you the subjects and you write your specific take and different ideas on them.Others give you a free hand to write about anything at all.This does not include any type of porn, that is a definite no-no.


What you need to get started

The obvious place to start is a connection to the internet.You need to know the basics of a computer and how to get around the various links and menus.You have to know how to save your precious articles that you have written and saved in folders on your computer.


You need to have a good reliable email address for companies and new writing friends to contact you.


You also need to have an updated virus protection program. It needs to be set up to check your incoming and outgoing emails.


What will I write?


This is the best part. You write whatever you like.Your articles need to be at least 400 words long.It will depend on who you write for of course.Some may require more, while others offer incentives to write longer articles.Enter competitions and enjoy the camaraderie of meeting others hoping to earn money online too. You will also make new friends to share your experiences with.

How to get started

I will recommend three places to start writing and earning money to you.On all these sites you will need to have a user name and password.I would suggest that you use your own name.If you do make it big, the credits will stand in their rightful place in your name.This will act as a good reference to the ability of your writing.

Always write to the best of your ability and spell check it before uploading any articles.


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This book could help give you some more ideas for writing online

Sites you can Join free and earn money

 Hub pages

This is a very simple and easy site to negotiate. You need to register with them. Then spend time reading the entire do and don't sections, so you learn the correct way to do things.That way you will find it easier and less likely to make mistakes.

Choosing a title- make sure it stands out and says what you need to attract the people your article is aiming for.You cannot change that once it is created. Write your article in word or similar program.Then copy and paste it in hubpages. Read articles on choosing best keywords for your title, I won't go into that in this article.

Hubpages allows you to add images. You can earn by placing Amazon and eBay adds on your page.The biggest way of earning money is with Adsense on Google.You will need to join Adsense and when they give you an ID you place it on hub pages and you start earning money.You need to encourage people to read your hubs by becoming involved in joining others and having fans join you.

The more you write good interesting topics, the more people will read them. No you will not get rich overnight it is a slow process.And yes it does take hard work.  Join Hubpages

Info barrel- This is my latest place to hang out and write. This is great to meet new and old friends.It also offers you a better percentage to earn money with adsense on Google.If you are having any problems, you can ask for help and someone will advise you on how to sort the problem out.

They have a number of topics to choose from. Adding images is simple, upload and drag them onto your page. You can also earn more money from your images on Info Barrel.

What could be simpler? They have contests for you to write articles about. They also have a friendly forum where if you have a problem, ask and someone will try to help you.

You will need to register, with a user name and password.I have kept the same name for all my writing.Your friends will know who you are and what you have written. It could not be easier than that.  Join Info barrel

Make sure you keep a record of all user names and passwords written down. Believe me. If you do not you will be pulling your hair out trying to get back into the sites. Another thing, if you need to change your email address, do so and then go in and change all your records before you cancel the old one.Once you leave it, no one can help retrieve details because they cannot send your emails to the old one.

Amazon is another way to earn money on Infobarrel.  So learn how to add your links for people to buy direct from your articles on Amazon.

Okay, now it is your turn. Start writing articles that you know something about and earn money.Like the tortoise, it will be slow to start.Keep at it and listen and learn from other writers and read everything you can and try to learn something new every day.



RedGage is a great way to earn money from your wonderful holiday snapshots.  Take hundreds of photos and join Redgage and watch the money add up.  If you are lucky you can earn from their daily contests.  This could be $25.  So why not join Redgage now and make lots of  friends.

RedGage is also good to use for backlinks to all your articles.

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When writing online you need to have good photographs. This will also earn you more money. And no you do not have to spend thousands of dollars for the camera to have good photos