Starting your own business from home opens lots of doors for a number of people. It can have enormous advantages. One of the great ones is doing something you love and getting paid for it. When you consider many of the home based business enterprises available to you, a lot of people never think of an independent insurance claims adjuster. This makes a tons of people miss out on a great way to make a living.

The insurance industry is in the news at this time in a big way. Not only is this particular profession of great interest to a number of people, it is one of the few with an extremely bright future. Insurance companies will have many of these on staff, but independent ones work as subcontractors often.

Insurance is a very safe and well established profession. In every state of our great nation it exists. Not only does it exist, but it is found in more than one type or form nearly everywhere you look. This means there is an enormous variety of lines of business to choose to work from.


Getting started in the field has several benefits many people find attractive. The most appealing is the low startup costs. Basic tools needed to get going include office supplies, software, a personal computer, a printer or fax machine and a phone. A dependable car is also a necessity. You will likely be using your personal vehicle for travel so prepare to put a lot of miles on it.


One of the biggest drawbacks is working odd hours. Accidents are when you are most needed. These are not necessarily occurring in the nine to five hours many other professions work. Typically you are responding to an emergency or out of the ordinary situation which makes for irregular work schedules and generally weekends are not off-limits.

Traveling to and from the site of an accident as well as to a client’s place of business or home are also seen in your realm of work. These are also not automatically during normal working hours.


Every state will vary with licensing requirements. Therefore, contact your local state licensing board to verify what you need in the form of licenses and certifications for independent claims adjusters.

Bonding is characteristically required in most states. Being subcontracted to work for an insurance company will generally mean you have this coverage through the company. Though, independent working adjusters will need to hold their surety bond through an independent company along with liability insurance and your business license when out on your own.

Training and certification

There are a number of training and certification courses available online which are useful for starting out on your own. The Insurance Institute of America has a wonderful resource delivering the basics of insurance and claims processing. There are study guides along with exams which are state specific.

There are plenty of other online sources also offering other certification and licensing opportunities. The more you have under your belt, the more ability and credibility you have which is good. This opens up more doors for you to connect more favorably with big companies for jobs.

Familiarizing yourself with software related to claims processing is also helpful. Courses designed to teach you how to develop estimates using software are also positive to have on your résumé.


Educational resources are another matter, but within reach for many interested parties. Many people in the field or found in the industry come from a lot of different backgrounds with various levels of experience and education. Some related to insurance and others not.

Adjusters on the staff of insurance companies typically need a college degree to fill these positions. In the work at home sector extensive experience in a particular field like auto repair or building trades will certainly substitute for a degree in most cases. Though, most people need some type of professional training in place of education to do the work. 

Job duties

Everyday tasks generally revolve around investigating claims on behalf of an insurance company or client. This will involve inspecting property for damage, consulting police records and looking into medical claims.

All of this determines how much the insurance company will cover and how much money they will pay to a claimant. You are also responsible for negotiating settlements and authorized to pay claimants for an insurance company.


The best types of personality which seem to excel at claims adjusting are those people who pay a great deal of attention to detail. There is a vast amount of information to organize in order to process claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The ability to work independently without a lot of direction along with flexibility in dealing with a variety of people is a personality type that work well in this atmosphere. People come to you at times of distress. You are characteristically called in when an emergency or out of the ordinary occurrence has taken place. They will be out of sorts and sometimes angry or upset. Handling these situations in the best light possible is important.

In conclusion

An independent adjuster working from home is an independent contractor or subcontractor for a larger company. Although you are working in your own home, the insurance company is employing and paying you for your services.

Anyone with an interest in this type of work can do well with pay and long-term work assignments. This is an ideal work from home opportunity for the right person.


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