Can you really earn any money from blogging? Honestly? Yes if you are prepared to work hard at it and treat it as a job.Can you earn it quickly? No. Blogs are a long-term project

Start a blog and earn money from paid posts, affiliate programs and ads. It is the perfect way to make money online by working from home. It's not quite that easy. If you take paid posts you are being disloyal to your readers. Regardin affiliate programs and ads, very few people ever click on the ads and even fewer follow through withthe afiliate links.

What Are Work From Home Blogs?

A blog is just a collection of points related to a particular area. Work from home blogs are usually written by moms and dads who set out to try to earn money from their blogging activities. Fair play to them for trying but it will not work.They are wasting their time. Their blogs will never feature on the fisrt 10 pages of any search engine. Nobody except friends and family will ever read them, because they never promote their new blogs. Most bloggers never promote their blogs at all. There will be no links into them and very little of any substance in most of them. They will join the ranks of disillusioned affiliate program members who will never earn even $1, let alone the dream $10,000 a year.

What Would I Blog About?

You could write about absolutely anything. You could use your blog as a diary of your love life, as one English woman famously did. You can write about dogs, cats, kids or automobiles. Most people advise that you specialize in a fairly narrow area; write about German Shepherd Dogs, rather than just Dogs, for example.

You would choose a subject you know a lot about and that you enjoyed writing on. You would need to be seen as a knowledgeable expert in your chosen subject. Without that credibility you would never grow your reader numbers and without thousands of people every month reading your writings you would never earn 2 cents.

How Would I Earn Money Work from Home Blogs, Theoretically?

There are three ways, theoretically: Paid Posts, Ads and Affiliate Programs

Paid Posts

There are dozens of sites that will pay you to post about specific products on your blog. Very often they ask you to do a review of a razor, a power washer or a partcular washing powder. You could search for Paid Blog Posts and find lots, but here are a few;, and

Putting paid posts onto your blog means that you are using your credibility, assuming you had any, to benefit others for the sake of 10 cents here and there. If you had any pride in your blog would you accept tiny payments to endorse particular products? I wouldn't.

The Pay to Post companies will not even look at your blog until it has been active for at least three months. Most are not interested unless you have a Google Page Rank of 2 or 3.


You could sign up for a Google Adsense account. Google would then put contextual ads on your blog pages. Be very careful, though, because if you ever clicked on the ads yourself, even accidentally, Google would close your account down and you would forfeit any money your ads had earned.

You could sell advertizing to anyone interested in marketing their products to your readers, but only once you have reached certain traffic levels. Nobody will pay you to put ads on your blog until you have at least 1,000 readers a month.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate Programs are sometimes called Referral Programs, which is a better name because they pay you for referring people to a company's website, but only if they actually buy the company's products or services. 97% of affiliates earn nothing, ever; because they have so little traffic and credibility that nobody ever clicks on their affiliate links.

You would also need to earn $100 with most referral programs before they send you a check.

If you are going this route sign up with just one affiliate network and then with companies that use that network.

How Many Work From Home Blogs Would I Need, If I Did This?

Each blog you do will only take about one hour a day, so you could set up five or six work from home blogs and still keep on top of them all. Start with one or two and see if they earn you anything before you invest any more time.

How Would I Set Up My Work From Home Blogs?

You would have to decide how serious you were about earning from your blogs. Most people trying to earn from their blogs set up free ones that are never going to have any credibility or search engine success. If you want a free blog, just go to

If you are determined to make a serious try at make money from home blogging you need to spend a bit of money up front to pay for the domain name and hosting.

Find a web host first such as Blue Host ( or Think Host ( that will allow you to host 100 domain names for the same price as one. Buy your domain name from that company for maximum simplicity. Choose domain names that are related to your blogging subject. Only buy .com domain names for any chance of credibility. Avoid _ and – characters in the name at all costs because most people never remember them or get confused.

How Much Could You Earn from Work From Home Blogs?

It depends how hard you work at them. Referral programs have the most potential, paying $30 per referral in some cases, but to earn a regular income from these affiliate or referral programs means that you have to reach large numbers of people and that those people have to trust your recommendations. If they think you are recommending a company's services just to earn yourself a commission they will never click on your link..

You need to have lots of people reading your blog if you are to join the small band of successful bloggers and earn any significant income from advertising.