Working from home has lots of benefits over working from office. But definitely it is a very challenging and interesting job. The compulsion of working from home can be because of kids, distances involved, husband's job, unavailability of your choice of job or some pressing family commitments. However, working from home can be a pleasure if pursued properly and religiously. But there are always some negatives which come in the way of doing anything. You have to overcome many distractions that come across your schedule. Sometimes we decide that today we have to finish certain work any how and nobody will stop us from doing it. But at the end of the day we find ourselves frustrated, depressed with one question in mind, why we could not complete the work when we had properly planned everything? The answer is distractions.

Distractions can be many. These distractions will not take your hours together. But you will not be able to work with the same speed and vigour as before once you are distracted. So you will not reach your target before the deadline resulting in low confidence, lack of interest and enthusiasm in work. It requires tremendous effort and immense passion to start the work again.

There are few distractions that persons like me who work from home face while working:

1. Kids: Managing work with kids is scary. One cannot predict kids behaviour, especially little ones. Their needs and demands pose the most challenging distraction. And as it is known that kids demands cannot and should not be overlooked, you have to attend them. With school going kids, it is easy to manage work. When they go to school, you get the most suitable time to work peacefully. Once they come back, they have enough for themselves such as homework, drawing, reading books, puzzles, worksheets, computer games etc. Sometimes kids can be engaged in watching useful and entertaining programs on Television, which by far is the best solution to keep them busy. You can at least find some ways to keep them busy. And that time can be gainfully utilized to do your work. However as a responsible parent you cannot escape your duties of feeding kids, taking their studies, make them do their home-works, giving them quality time essential for their proper upbringing. With infants you cannot find any other alternative to engage them. You have to plan things according to their schedule. At times you are working on some important topic or attending client and suddenly your young one gets up from sleep. This distraction is faced more often than other by many women who work from home. The best way to overcome this is to do important things early morning and late night when the child is fast asleep and do other chores in the daytime.

2. Household chores: Living in a family has got many commitments and responsibilities. You have to mange your work without neglecting your responsibilities towards them. Kitchen is one of the biggest distractions especially for those who are fond of cooking. Once you enter the kitchen you get entangled in other associated jobs and this consumes your valuable time. Managing other things like washing utensils, clothes etc, or managing maid servants also take the toll. Housekeeping has gone into women's head. That also distracts and consumes valuable time. These things can be better managed if you plan properly, you have understanding family members and a good maid servant. Try to complete the cooking in lease possible time without compromising on quantity and quality of the food. Try out time consuming dishes on holidays or when you are not occupied with too much of work.

3. Mobile & Chats: Phone calls from friends, relatives are another unavoidable distraction. Some calls are important so you cannot avoid talking, but you don't realize that these calls go on stretching and consume your valuable time. Try receiving and making calls at a particular time when you are not busy. Working on the internet can add up to one more distraction i.e. Chats and emails. While working online, you are often tempted to chat with a close friend or you just think of checking mails again and again. But you get involved in these distractions and forget to do the important work. Actually chats and mobiles can be effectively utilized to promote whatever you are doing. But, you feel shy of talking with friends and relative about your work or the passionate old time stories override your imagination posing the greatest distraction to your working from home. These are mostly discouraged in an office environment, but at home the situation is completely different. You are not checked by anyone and your time gets wasted. To overcome this, again plan and decide a time to call on friends, relatives or customers and check mails and chats.

4. Eating and Sleep: When you are working from home you tend to eat more and frequently as you have plenty of options in home. Eating snacks, having juice frequently distracts you from the work and you also feel sleepy. Sometimes we think of having a nap and getting back to work but it doesn't happen. In office environment, you are watched by someone and you have pressing commitments to complete. However at home, even though you have pressing commitments, you tend to take work easily. We sleep for hours and then repent for the same. To overcome this, try and make office environment at home in terms of eating and sleeping which should be restrained. When you feel sleepy try out some other methods like making calls to clients, maintaining your records etc.

5. Unnecessary visits: When you are not at home all the visits get restricted to your schedule. But once you are at home you will have visits by laundry man, electrician, servants and others unnecessary visits for which you have to get up leaving your work aside. Best way is to decide one day for all these things.

Managing all these distractions requires patience and perseverance. Sometimes due to some circumstances, you cannot finish your work. First of all accept the fact. Don't repent, just get up and start again because if you are not able to do it today you will definitely complete it tomorrow if you have desire to work. Where there is a will, there is a way.