Freelance writing opportunities afford you the ability to set your own schedule, take breaks when you want, spend more time with your friends and family plus you get the opportunity to explore the world of online revenue. If you are considering taking on a work from home freelance lifestyle and want to know what is out there as far as writing opportunities then you've stumbled across the right article. Here you will find out some of the options (5 of the most popular choices) available to you just to help get you on your way!

Freelance Writing Opportunities on InfoBarrel:

Freelance writers wanted at InfoBarrel (IB). InfoBarrel, which is the site you've stumbled across this article on, gives writers several opportunities to make money on a freelance basis.

To make money on IB you simply need to set up a Google Adsense account and start writing quality, helpful and informative articles. If you can find a topic(s) that someone is interested in and you can write content rich articles that trigger related ads then you can earn. Another way to make money on IB is through Chitika, which is another text/image based advertiser that works with IB and places relevant advertisements in and based on keywords and phrases throughout your article. You can also sign up with the eBay affiliates program and display relevant ebay listings on your articles as well. And last but not least IB offers its freelance writers the chance to earn through contests that are held monthly.

Freelance Writing Opportunities on eHow:

Are you good at giving directions and walking people through tasks? How much do you really know how to do? Ehow is always looking for freelancing experts to contribute content to their #1 ranked "how to" site.

With eHow you don't have to sign up with Google Adsense or any other 3rd party program. You simply need to sign up with eHow's Writer's Compensation Program – more frequently referred to as the WCP program. Once signed up you just start contributing well written how to articles and promote them only if you so choose. Since your content is being submitted on a "highly ranked" site you don't necessarily have to promote as hard as you would with some of the other sites that offer freelance writing opportunities.

To make money you will definitely want to familiarize yourself with the basics of keywords and phrases and also SEO. If your article is made up of proper SEO and key wording chances are that your ads will be relevant and through that is how you make your money at home writing how to articles.

Do be sure to read through their submission guidelines, TOS and browse through the forums before getting started. You may come to find that as a contributing writer for eHow you are faced with many site glitches and bugs – don't let that deter you though. The revenue opportunities on eHow for most far surpass the limited customer service and site glitches.

Freelance Writing Opportunities on Bukisa:

Bukisa appears to be another up and coming content site that is attracting freelance writers left and right. Though it has not been around for too long it has recently undergone a change of ownership – which is a positive thing. The new owner has pimped the site out a bit more and has been working hard to keep it kink free and user friendly.

Bukisa lets you earn off of page views. They have a pay index that is clearly stated on the site and based on the figure there that is how much you will earn per every 1000 views. As far as pay per view article writing sites go they do hold one of the highest pay rates for a site of its style. This site also allows you to earn a little from people that you refer who sign up under you. It does not take anything away from the writer you have referred but it does give you a little boost.

Freelance Writing Opportunities on Associated Content:

Associated Content, also known as AC, allows you to make money submitting several different types of content. They have a fairly broad article format selection but they also allow you to submit first hand video and audio content as well. When you sign up for AC and are just getting started your articles will have to go under review until they are certain that your quality can pass the mustard.

As for their pay system they are also a pay per view site and you earn $1.50/1000 views. They also offer an upfront payment for some articles though lately they have seemed to be getting quite picky as to what types of article content they will accept for upfront payment and their upfront payments have also become quite skimpy.

Though I am not AC's biggest fan there are a lot of freelance writers that do quite well with this freelance writing opportunity. The key to success is quality, keyword usage, SEO, great and popular topics and searchable titles.

Freelance Writing Opportunities on HubPages:

Hubpages is a revenue sharing site that allows you to create Hubs on niche topics of your choice. As with any paid to write site the more you write (if its quality) the better your earning possibilities are. The site is quite user friendly and answers to most questions you have can be found answered in their help pages.

To earn you simply sign up with Google Adsense so that relevant ads are displayed with your article content and then start building traffic to your hubs. You can also sign up with Amazon and eBay affiliates programs and have those displayed on your pages as well which will increase your income possibilities.
As is life you will find plenty of freelance writing opportunities online that some writers love and other writers can't stand. You just need to find what works best with your writing style and needs and stick with the opportunities that stand to bring in the best monthly revenue for you.

Note: These sites all allow you to earn monthly on all content that you submit.