Work from home careers...are likely the best fit for you!

Work from home careers are fast becoming the best option.  During the industrial revolution workers were moving from their farms to the cities.  Large manufacturing sites provided jobs for the masses.  Prior to this it was common for most people to work from their homes as farmers, and blacksmiths, builders, craftsmen etc.  However, with the invention of large machinery, and automation home workers were not as productive as large manufacturing plants.  Home workers couldn't compete with the lower prices the large manufacturing operations provided.  That was the early and mid 1800s.  Fast forward 170 years and we see the trend reversing.

There are more work from home careers than there have been in 170 years.  Most manufacturing is either fully automated by robotics.  Or it has moved to developing countries where the labor force is vast and labor costs are very low.  This has created a massive change and opportunity for work from home careers.  Whereas in the 1800s most of us were farm and labor workers, working the land and shaping natural resources, Today we work with INFORMATION.  

If you look at most of the careers of today, they involve some form of information or knowledge work.  Service workers, technology workers, finance, law, even medicine are all require knowledge workers.  What this means for you and me is that with a computer and a connection to the Internet we have everything we need to create the ideal work from home career.  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that by 2016 less than 50% of the work force in the USA will be traditional employees.  That doesn't mean that the number of jobs will decrease by 50%.  What it means is that 50% of us will be independent contractors, business owners, self employed workers etc.  

This massive change has a lot of people running scared.  The media is churning out spectacular headlines designed to scare the living day lights out of us all.  Don't buy it!  We are living in the best time in history to live out your dreams.  It is true that with a computer you can create a work at home career.  Don't buy into the hype and scams that tell you can make millions over night.  It's not true.  Knowledge work is a skill you can develop, but it takes more that just whipping up a web site.  

There are many legitimate work from home jobs. These require legitimate knowledge and skill, but these skills are easy to develop with practice. 

The rest of this article will highlight work from home careers and options. I will break down several knowledge worker examples next:

My favorite work from home option to get started is eBay. With a little bit of instruction you can be in business in a matter of  hours. You won't be making $5000 a week by the end of the month.  But you will be on your way.  It is feasible to make an extra $300 or $400 over the next 30 days.  Consider that a paid education.

Internet Marketer. As an Internet marketer you use your ability to communicate a message to sell or promote ideas and products on the Internet. These can be your own products and ideas, or someone Else's.  

Affiliate Marketer. Affiliate marketing is where you become an "affiliate" or salesperson, for a product or service.  Every time someone purchases some product or service that you promote, you receive a percentage of money received from the sale.  

ePublisher, author. The really cool thing about the Internet is that you can use it to publish your own ideas.  20 years ago you had to use a publisher print and share your ideas.  Not now.  You can create your own "eBook" and sell it on the Internet.   

eSeller, (eCommerce). An eSeller is a person that uses the Internet to sell products.   

Blogger. Blogging has exploded in recent years.  If you have specialized or "niche" knowledge, you can share this in a "web log".  Those that create a community or following, can make a very good living.  It's not as easy as just throwing up a free blog site.  It is a skill, but one you can acquire. That is what I do at

To be a knowledge worker you must develop specialized knowledge.  Specialized knowledge is information that others are seeking.  The most common source people look to today for information is the INTERNET.  Think of the Internet as a vast river of questions and answers.  Search engines allow us to navigate this vast river.  This is what has made Google billions of dollars.  Being a knowledge worker allows you to be a stream that contributes to this vast river. 

There are many work from home careers that don't require the Internet.  These can be enhanced by the Internet, but may not be knowledge worker careers specifically. There is no end to the possibilities here.  What I have provided below is a list of 10 work at home options that don't require years to get started. 

  • Lawn care services
  • Handy man services
  • Cleaning services
  • Courier services
  • Painting services
  • Event planning services
  • Entertainment services
  • Organizer, planning services
  • Project management services
  • Auto detailing services

There are many work from home careers that allow you to use specialized knowledge.  These may require years to develop the necessary skill set.  Following are 10 examples:

  • Consultant
  • Trainer
  • Public speaker
  • Mediator
  • Counselor
  • Life Coach
  • Facilitator
  • Adviser
  • Technician
  • Sales person

As you consider work from home careers, think about 
"perpetual or reoccurring income" verses "linear income".  The combination of knowledge work and the Internet allow you to create automated systems that deliver reoccurring income.  In other words, you can create a product or content that can be delivered over and over again, without your direct involvement.  Think of it as a "knowledge vending machine" that people keep putting in quarters to receive.  

Now I want to pull together a few things and wrap this up.  Above I created two lists of 10 work from home options that don't require the Internet.  However, IF you combine your knowledge of lawn care services, handy man services, painting services, consulting, training, life coaching, etc with the Internet, you can create reoccurring income! How?  Consider the knowledge worker options I listed earlier.  These included: Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, ePublisher, eSeller, Blogger. 
You can write an eBook about painting decks, or create a blog about life coaching or public speaking.  Use the easy systems of the Internet to sell or monetize these and BAM!  You have created reoccurring income.  

I hope some of this information will help you get started on a new path.  Above all I hope you can see that you have many work from home options.  The opportunities for you are endless!  To choose the perfect fit for you, go create your own work from home career!