Info Barrel is simply one of many ways to generate money online. It’s highly recommended that you build up multiple passive income streams. In the beginning you do not want to spread yourself too thin and this is why it is suggested that you spend your initial time writing content for Info Barrel.

It is easy to get yourself overwhelmed with the multiple ways of earning money online. In the beginning you should simply work on writing content for Info Barrel. My recommendation is to build up your folio on InfoBarrel to consist of a least 500 articles before branching out to other sources.

While you are writing your first 500 articles you will begin to build a passive income and also build one what does and does not work. Earn your first 500 articles learn how to utilize affiliate sales to increase your Amazon and Chitika earnings using your articles on Info Barrel. After you have written 500 articles you will have  great idea of which articles earn money and which ones are flops.

After you have written your first 500 articles you can branch out to numerous other methods of running passive income online including blogging and niche blogging in which you specialize in certain themes. Once you begin to branch out whether it is your own blog niche blogging or some other form of passive income you're beginning to build you will want to focus on it the same way as you did with InfoBarrel in the beginning.

You will need to attack the new source of passive income the same way you did info barrel. You do not simply want to add one or two pieces of content and then life back and see how well it earns. If you started a blog you want to add new content consistently to your blog. With a blog you are not simply SEO articles to get search traffic, but instead are producing interesting and high quality pieces that will encourage visitors to bookmark and return to your website on a consistent basis.

The main idea I am trying to get across is that you do not want to have 100 different sources of income with one piece of content on each source, but instead work on one source and build it up and then start on a second source. It is better to have 3 to 5 sources of passive income each with a lot of content as opposed to 100 various websites or blogs with only one to two pieces of content on each.

I have numerous websites and various blogs and niche blogs but I was spread too thin. Iron a tiny bit from each of these websites but I would've made a lot more money if I had simply concentrated on one of the time and build it up into a cash log before I moved on to the next website or blog.

When you give begin to build up a second or third source of passive income you will still want to return and continue to add new content to info barrel on a regular basis. InfoBarrel will be a source of continued income as well is increased income as long as you keep adding new content. You will also be able to use InfoBarrel to provide some quality text links back to your new source of passive income.