Consulting / Freelancing

This article tries to explore alternative options of employment for both the unemployed and under-employed.


Over the years working from home has become common and more companies are accepting this type of work arrangement as measuring productivity is becoming easier with the advent of technology. For the companies too this becomes a better deal as a employee working from home opens up additional real estate at office which they can use for other purposes.


Have tried to cover various options discussed covering both working as an employee as well as being more entrepreneuriall. Though I must caution everyone thinking to take the latter option needs to factor in the fact  that for a business to be successful, it does require marketing of the services to make people aware of the same. Social media would be a good place to start, networking groups would be another to spread the word around.


Having been a recruiter for over 15 years, I have seen creative ways candidates have used to generate additional revenue with some simple efforts with minimal investment.


Every one of us has some strong suite of skills which may be outside our area of work. Working as consultants / freelancers would be a good way to utilize those strong suite of skills.  Consultants are considered experts in their subject area and typically the assignments they work on can be classified more on the lines of an employee except for the fact that this employment typically has a fixed duration, objective or both.


The project could range from something as simple as finishing a data entry or typing project to something which may be extremely complicated.


In my former career working as  a computer teacher/ instructor, I used to offer private lessons to professionals who could not go to school during regular office days. These coaching classes would be offered over the weekend and could be at the candidates residence or my residence. This way I could continue doing my regular job and for a 2 – 3 hours each weekend made some extra money which is always welcome irrespective of what your current status is.


A friend who was an active baseball player in his younger days offers coaching to young kids (different age groups) in the evenings after he comes back home. The list is endless but the point I want to put across is identify your strengths and capitalize on the same. Yes, you do need an customer base and if your tech savvy, there a lot places which have a local audience where you can offer your services. One such website is


Some of the other ways things one can do is offer local day care to kids if you are already looking after your kids. Very small investment and typically does not need a license until you reach a threshold of kids which may differ from state to state.


Additionally there are other work opportunities which are skill based and may complement what you may do as a full time job during the day., etc are website where individual and companies post their short term assignments which typically may have a fixed price and duration. Websites offering opportunities like are plenty but do you research to check their history and you may find more info on which I believe is maintained by the government to alert consumers of wrong doings of companies.


Will continue to post more articles discussing additional options over the next few weeks.


Happy hunting and God bless America.


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