Since recorded history man has had an insatiable desire to learn about the world around us.

The Bible has numerous references to gods creation and the formation of the animals in Eden, then it tells us of a great flood that covered the earth. But before everything could be destroyed Noah was commissioned to build an Ark that would house 2 of every species of animal untill the flood waters receded.

You do not have to believe in god or the bible to recognize the wondrous diversity of life that shares this beautiful planet with us. Nature has created an amazing diversity of life and every life form is specifically designed to exist in a niche that has been created and designed for that life forms success. Adapt to the environment or die, survival of the fittest according to Darwin.

As the dominant life form on this planet we must take an active role in the stewardship of our planet or we will no longer have a planet that is capable of sustaining such life.

But, we are destroying our planet at an alarming rate, countless species pass into the void of extinction on a daily basis, many before they have even been identified and categorized!
Bacteria, microbes, and fungi are all base forms of life that sustain larger more complex life forms or are capable of making those same life forms sick, weaken and die. Nature brings life into balance!

We as humans tend to classify animals into 4 distinct categories.
~Pest species to be eradicated such as rodents, wolves and snakes
~Pet species to be pampered or abused and neglected
~Animal Oddities to be seen in zoos or put on display doing tricks for our pleasure.
~Livestock who's sole purpose is to provide food for us or our pets in some form such as eggs, milk or meat.

Often times in our day to day lives we forget about the wild animals that are losing their habitats on all 3 fronts; Air, Sea, and the Land.

Entire libraries exist on the care and treatment of pets and livestock but often little is known about the lives of animals in the natural world. You know, the wild animals that should remain wild?

There is so much information about our planets rich bio-diversity that we simply do not understand.
New, unknown, species to be sought out, identified and studied.
known species to be studied in further detail, to learn their habits, biology, and their specific place within the natural ecosystem
So many known and unknown species to be protected from extinction
Unusual species of interest to our children to provide education and a sense of stewardship and personal responsibility for our own actions.

Have you ever hatched chicken eggs with your child? Natures lessons about life in balance should not be missed!

If we do not change the way we treat our planet we will continue to loose species at an alarming rate until one day the balance tips and a catastrophic mass decline is species will become unstoppable... This will end life on this planet as we know it!

Deforestation is real
Extinction of species is real
Global warming is real

Our planets animal life or bio-diversity is our responsibiltiy to care for, manage and save or there will be none left for our grand children or great grand children to enjoy!
Imagine never being able to see the spectacular beauty of a humming bird feeding at your outdoor feeder and only being able to read about one, because there are no more humming birds left living? Is this the world you want for your Heirs?

These changes can begin with you, one person, in one household, one backyard at a time!
Teach our children to respect nature before it is too late and there is no wild animals left living in the wild!
Remember; One Person CAN Make a Difference!
Let that person be YOU

Noah's Ark