Workable steps to quit drinking alcohol abound. What actually are the causes of drinking alcohol and have people involved bothered about quit measures of drinking alcohol? Alcohol has a depressant effect on your brain when taken and the depressant effect hinders the normal functioning of the brain. Yet some people believe that it is a stimulant.

Among the effect of alcohol on the brain is the reduction in self control and judgment impairment. When your self control is diminished though alcoholic intake, you would say or do things in which you would not normally say or do. Your judgment becomes impaired in that; you begin to take abnormal risks, liking jumping from a moving vehicle and driving in a reckless manner. You can see that victims here never took any workable steps to quit drinking, so they do what they do.

Alcohol induces a kind of false or fake happiness. This is done by diminishing your anxiousness, tension, stress. When this happens the person involves begins to act in a cheerful and joyful manner. This causes many people to become addicted to alcohol in order to forget their sorrows and problems, in a momentary way.

Some persons have lost their jobs, reduced their job performance, diminished their mental and physical health, divorced their wives, fallen into a ditch or gutter, have broken homes and marriages, and have become socially unfit, due to alcohol dependence for the inducement of the above mentioned fake hope. A person may become a drunkard when he or she becomes totally dependent on alcohol, leading to unwanted behaviors. The causes of drinking alcohol are many and varied.

Though causes of alcohol are complicated, yet when an individual who is addicted or dependence on alcohol drinking, can quit if he or she so desires. If you are willing to quit, there will be a way out for you. You can take following workable steps to quit drinking alcohol and regain your lost family relationships, and glories.

1. Eat balanced Diets

Start with eating balanced diets. Avoid sweets, fried foods, over processed foods, and too much starchy foods. Eat much of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Eating balanced diets will help build up your body's ability to quit drinking.

2. Take fruit juice or Snack on a Fruit when Desiring to Drink

Whenever you have the temptation or ill desire to drink, get a fruit juice or snack on a fruit.

3. Get your Spouse or co-workers Informed about your desire to quit drinking.

Your wife or husband, co-worker or any close person of yours should be notified of your intention to quit drinking. This would enable you to make bold attempts to quit without any feeling of inferiority, and also, to be helped out of the bad habit through concentrated efforts.

4. Stop Going to Drinking Joints.

Where you are used to gathering with others to drink excessively, you must apply conscious effort to avoid such gathering, places, or joints, hotel or bar. Inform your friends that you go along to drink and avoid them, when they call on you for drinking.

5. Consciously stop Budgeting for Alcohol Drinking

When you draw up your daily, weekly, or monthly budgets, deliberately stop budgeting for drinking. This would help you to easily quit drinking alcohol.

6. Close any Bar in your Home

If you have a drinking bar in your home, close it, and take out all drinks, bottles and drinking gadgets. Destroy them and restructure that part of your home in which you used as a bar.

7. Seek Medical Help

If you are such a chronic alcoholic, you need psychiatric help to conquer the intensity of your inward feelings and conflicts. You can be helped with some drugs that would cause you to be sensitive to alcohol, make you ill and vomit whenever you drink. See your doctor.

8. Surrender your Life to God

When God comes to your situation, you know that all is well. So, get born-again. I mean repent of your sins, through Jesus Christ. Return to God. You can see a true servant of God nearer you to help you, if only you are willing to quit drinking and willing to become a true Christian. This will muster Heaven's power to help you say bye to alcohol drinking.

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