No longer does the line from the legendary Erin Brokovich movie, "This job is my time away from my kids!" apply. These days, Home Based practitioners, are increasing in numbers, that more and more people are pulled into doing it. Some are even leaving their full time jobs, just to try out this phenomenon that has been the highlight of available jobs in the internet. This home based opportunities started in television, radios and now expanded in the internet. A full time mother of three kids, no longer stays at home and waits for something worthwhile to happen to her. Once her kids and her husband leave home for school and office, she can sit and work while cooking up their lunch or dinner. All you need is a reliable computer, a phone and a promising personality to gain access to these businesses.

The home based jobs target not only the mother who stays home, it also attempts to lure those who have not finished their degrees, the so called burnt out employees, the employed who wants to acquire more earnings, the unemployed who can't get any feasible jobs that matches his skills and competencies, the undergraduates who needed to fund their needs, and all other individuals who has too much spare time and seeks more fortune.

There are hundred of jobs to choose from. But like any forms of ventures, some are authentic and lawful and some are, well, illicit. And one has to know what is legitimate otherwise you will end up facing bankruptcy instead of being wealthy. The general rule of thumb should always be, if it asks for any sort of payment, it's an absolute scam. And make you don't fall for it. But luckily, there are certain websites that will give you a long list of legit jobs and are paying more. I have listed two of my favorite sites for your reference. All you need to do is to register and build your profile so you can attract those prospective employers.

  • Freelancer - – A joint company venture by Australian and Swedish partnership. They are currently based in Sydney and started their business way back in February 2004. Since then, their total number of verified users is 1,740,124. The total number of posted projects is 760,982. And the total amount spent by their users is $61,532,900.
  • oDesk - – The call themselves "The Marketplace for Online Workteams". Their company is based is California and started a year earlier than Freelancer. CEO Gary Swart aims to bring small business to success. They have more that 20 partners all over the globe. Contractors (people who get hired) are paid 90% of the agreed payment and oDesk commissions 10%. This rate is applicable for all contracts/jobs, (hourly rates, fixed price jobs or bonuses).

The money earning industry is constantly evolving. It may be Home Based Businesses today, who knows what they have in store for us soon. Whether you will dance with the trends or not is absolutely up to you. Ultimately, you will run your life and as long as you keep on pursuing to succeed, it really doesn't matter if it's inside the comfort of your home or within the premises of the traditional jobs.