working-dogs will do anything asked of them by their owners. It does not matter which breed of dog or the type of work required the dog will follow their owner trainers instructions to the limit.That is more than our own children will do for us. (Just joking)

Dog Handlers and Trainers

When their owner trainers first attempt the dogs training they need to use a happy voice if they do well and a deeper voice if the puppy disobeys the command. Keep the training interesting and do not make the sessions too long. Puppies will become bored if it is dragged out too long.

A young-dog will be eager to please their master and hopefully receive praise in the form of kind words, a ruffle of his ears or better still a little treat.No matter which type of praise is given it will encourage the dog to follow his master's instructions.

There are many different types of working-dogs, each one is given specific training for the intended type of work the breed is trained to carry out for their owner trainers.

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Military Working-Dogs

Many have been trained as far back as the First World War. The German Sheppard or Alsatian is mainly used in this field. Over the years they were trained in different ways for a variety of positions. Dogs were normally trained on a short lease and learnt to be obedient and respond to their master's instructions.This training was imperative both for the dog and to save the lives of many soldiers.

Patrol-Dogs- These dogs were trained with many skills and needed to work in silence so as to be able to detect snipers and gives warning of impending ambushes from the enemy.

Sentry-dogs- These dogs would patrol with a guard and warn them on the approach of strangers within the protected area.

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 M-Dog or Mine Dog-These dogs were trained to find booby traps and a variety of mines.Many of these dogs had problems detecting the mines under combat situations.

Messenger Dogs- These were trained to move silently and take messages back and forth between two the two handlers that they trained with.Most of this training would take a dog about four months before it becomes advanced in the skills of attacking and learning to sniff out different substances.

Working dogs detecting drugs- Trained in the detection of a variety of drugs and are used at airports and other places to sniff out concealed drugs being imported into the country.



Police also have working-dogs. These dogs are trained to help their handler catch the crooks. The most notorious of these dogs is the one on TV his name is Rex.It is


These dogs will work for hours on end for their owners.They have so much energy and natural intelligence that their training enhances their ability to follow instructions.These instructions may be given with a whistle, a hand movement or by voice control. They can round up cattle on stations and herd them into holding pens saving their owners many hours of work.


A variety of breeds of dogs are used on the cattle stations. Australian Blue and Red Heelers, Red cloud Kelpie, Border Collies.




Blue or Red Heelers – These will round up virtually anything at all from chickens to ducks.They are used mainly for herding cattle and rounding up sheep on stations and farms all over the world.


The Border collie, Red Kelpie, and the Australian Shepherd are the main dogs used for herding sheep.Others working-dogs used are Shetland and the Corgi.


These wonderful working dogs do brilliant unpaid work.Yes they do this for the love of their owner trainers or handlers, many of these dogs risk their lives to save the lives of many human lives.


All dogs whether a home pet or a working-dog they all need to be given a variety of treats, and home made treats are even better. they all love to be rewarded for work well done or for being a good

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