Financial security is the envy of every job seeker. The idea of working for a new startup may sound appealing, but the overall security given by a government job is something that can never be overlooked. With the government, employees are going to be entering into the workforce of one of the country’s biggest employers and will be provided with the best benefits available. In fact, there are many government jobs that have just opened up to prospective job seekers. Looking at the openings available will shed some light on the overall fields that are most popular.

Accounting and Finance

The field of accounting and finance is needed in every sector of the government. From being able to balance budgets to running local municipal financials, there is a job waiting for the eager accountant that is teeming with enthusiasm.

Financial Examiners: In this field, a person can expect major growth rates nearing 40 percent and a salary that is near or above six-figures. A person in this field will examine financials to ensure that balance sheets match up, transactions are correct and that the flow of cash is in accordance to government laws.


The government has to enact laws every year that are not only just, but also legally sound. While laws can be proposed, lawyers have to vigorously ensure that there is a legal standing behind each and every bill that is passed. While lawyers have a plethora of options available to them, working for the government may be the most stable.

Lawyers: The typical lawyer will work hectic hours, but they are well compensated. With a salary of $131,000 on average and a growth rate of over 8 percent, anyone with a law degree should consider working for the government. There are over 900 jobs currently available in this field and they are all waiting for the right candidate.

Computer Fields

The ever-growing need to have propriety software and cyber security has landed a slew of technical professionals in a cozy job with the government. These professionals have a plethora of different duties that will ensure that government computers, networks and security are always at the forefront of technology. A few of the most in-demand fields are:

  • Network Administrator: A network administrator will be responsible for ensuring that government networks are always up and running. With this responsibility, employees may be on-call at all times, but will receive a salary in the median range of $90 – 100,000 per year.
  • Security Specialist: Securing networks and software is essential to stop cyber threats before they happen. A security expert will not only monitor networks, but they will also test for bugs and security holes to ensure that a network is near impenetrable. Salaries in this field are upwards of $100,000.
  • Software Engineer: Custom software solutions are needed to ensure that the government is able to manage their tasks with pinpoint accuracy. From software used for monitoring or tallying election votes, a software engineer will be responsible for it all. Salaries also range above the six-figure mark for this field.

With the government continually searching for the brightest minds, there are sure to be openings in a plethora of fields that match your current skillset. If a plethora of vacation days, great benefits and even national holidays sound enticing to you, a job with the federal government may be the perfect fit.