Looking for unique ways to start working from home then you are going to want to check out being a virtual assistant. With many businesses and people outsourcing parts of their lives and tasks that need to be done each day, the demand for people that can fill this need is on the rise.

While being a virtual assistant is not a new form of employment, it is not one of the first thought about opportunities when someone wants to start to work from home. Whether you decide to join a company that has a bunch of people doing this type of work for them for clients or perhaps running your own business doing this is more your style, it is important to know what types of tasks that you might be looking at doing.

Writing Content

Many virtual assistants are asked to write content of various types for their clients. From blog posts to press releases, the need for unique well written content is something that drives this industry. It is a good idea to have a solid knowledge of grammar, spelling, and SEO practices to do these tasks.


Business owners can get hundreds of emails each day. Hiring someone to answer them or even just sort them is something that many high powered individuals do to save time and be more productive. This can be quite easy and lucrative for you to be able to list as your skills when applying for new clients.

Social Networking

The entire world it seems is on facebook and twitter. This includes businesses. More and more companies are realizing just how great of a marketing tool that social media is. They are looking for people that can post and use social networking to help build their brands and businesses for them.

Appointment Setting

This is not just for the secretary sitting in an office somewhere any more. Appointments are now often set through email correspondence. A virtual assistant working from home can easily interact on a client's behalf and setup all sorts of appointments for them.


Part of building traffic on the Internet is the art of backlinking. If you want to be working from home as a virtual assistant, it is a good idea to a have a strong knowledge of how to build backlinks. This skills is highly marketable these days.

These are just some of the tasks that clients might be looking for when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant. In reality if you are working from home in this type of position, you are truly a Jack or Jane of all trades. This makes having have a diverse skill set that you can showcase in your resume a must. The good news is that you can easily add to your skill set as you work for paying clients and build your reputation as a virtual assistant so it is easy to get started today in this field. So what are you waiting for? Sit down and get your resume in order to start applying to these great opportunities that are out there.