While making the decision to work from home may be easy, choosing the right home business for you that is also worth your time can be more challenging. Here you'll find some great working from home ideas to spark your thinking.

Build a home daycare center

First things first, you must love children to even consider this idea. If you are not the type of person who can be near the energy and noise of young kids day in and day out, this idea is not right for you. However, if you love children, are known in the community for being a loving parent yourself or are a trusted presence in the community, a home daycare center could be a perfect home business for you. Make sure you look into laws and ordinances in your community about insurance and liability if you go this route. You are taking on the responsibility of others.

Develop a pet sitting or pet walking business

If you live in a community that has many pets, dogs especially, then this could be a very lucrative opportunity. Before you begin, research how much competition there is in the neighborhood. Dog walking is a very popular home business, and the competition can be stiff. Make sure you come up with a plan to market yourself.

Become an online seller on eBay or Amazon

Do you have a knack for finding treasures where others see junk? Are you the type of person to stay up on the leading edge of fashion trends to know when the old is new again? If yes, selling online through a system like eBay or Amazon.com could be right up your alley. Be careful, these home businesses can be difficult to turn a profit in, as eBay and Amazon charge fees upfront and on the sale. Know how to price your goods correctly early on to save yourself from losing money right out of the gate. Once you get the hang of it, selling online can be an excellent income source.

Become a life coach

If you are the type of person that others are always looking to for help and guidance, consider turning that into a living. As a life coach, you can help others organize their lives and build the type of work/life balance they are seeking. While no certification is needed for this job, consider getting a license. There are many places online that can help you, and having the certification can put others at ease that you are a professional.

Start a computer training business

If you are reading this, you may already be very familiar with using a computer, but there are many others that don't know where to begin. If you live in a community where you feel there are many people in that boat, then becoming a computer trainer could be very lucrative. This is another home business where the competition may be high, so do your research whether the market is saturated. If it is, and you still want to go for it, make sure you have a solid marketing plan.

When choosing a home business, making the wrong decision for you can be a recipe for disaster. The working from home ideas above give you an idea of what to expect, but continue to do your research before making your decision.