Today’s economy has pushed many families to the monetary limit. Many people are looking for extra work but find that it is either hard to come by or too little time in the day to go to another job. Unfortunately, many have turned to TV advertisements for work at home jobs that promote making thousands of dollars a month.

The disappointment sets in when this really is not the case. No surprise that people are tainted by the concept when this happens. The truth to be told is that you can have a job from home and make money. Granted, only a minute percentage will make enough to live on while the rest are happy to have the extra money to pay a bill.

What jobs are available to work from home?

Many reputable companies are contracting with other companies to develop work at home jobs. This can be customer service, virtual assistants, writers, data entry and others. It is a win-win situation for each party. The main company does not need as much office space, and yet they are still providing jobs. Occasionally you will need to commute to the physical business to be trained. Furthermore, be prepared to purchase additional equipment for your home; such as a headset for your computer, or have a second phone line installed.
How do I know it is legitimate?

The companies that are advertising for home workers will (typically) all be companies that you can be found in your local phonebook, have a legitimate, frequently updated website, or is a business that is familiar to many in the area. Most will have a normal application process; similar to other brick and mortar job application methods. Don’t be alarmed if you are asked for a background check. Also, they will normally not ask for any money “to get you started.” Contact the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged against them as well.
How do I know it is for me?

The first thing that needs to be contemplated is what you can do from home that can make money. What is your specialty? Determine where in the home you will work at and not be distracted. Set a realistic expectation of what you can earn. Do not be blinded into thinking that you will make great amounts of money a day. The people that do make this money are excellent at what they do, and have normally built a reputation that makes clientele seek them out.

How do I get started?

Create a private area in your house that is uncluttered. This will be your work space.  Determine your expectations, and decide on a specialty. The vital step is the search for the right, legitimate job. This is where using your common sense will come into play. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Start applying to local companies, and specifically tailor your resume for working at home; advise them that this is what you’re looking for. Do not limit your search to just local jobs. Many reputable companies will advertise on their website if they have work at home jobs available. Some companies outsource the task of recruiting at home workers. Look for these companies as well.
 If this is something you are passionate about, be vigilant and do not give up. There is an abundance of information on the internet about legitimate work at home jobs. Many of the websites have done the research for you. These sites will have the best information. Making money by working from home is not an unrealistic dream; it is possible to do.