Mining jobs in Australia are one of those career paths that have received a great amount of interest lately,  due to their excellent wages. When they hear about the salaries or wages the workers get for these projects, you can understand why they are willing to work so hard to get one of those positions. Generally there are two main kinds of positions to apply:

  • Skilled

  • Unskilled


The skilled job market is often less available and harder to reach. They require more experience, educational background and a good track record. On this basis the company invests a lot of money in hiring and getting the right candidate for the job. These positions are also more reliable and often permanent, but you will usually find specialized people here.


The unskilled mining job market has always been a most sought after category because this is where the masses can dream about making good money with no qualifications. It requires basic education and no experience at all. This is how it used to be before when there were enough positions to meet up for the demand. Now it would be fair to say that there are literally hundreds of applications for every job in this category. A smart thing to do would be to gain some kind of experience in the industry to have an edge over others.

The other reason why it has become too difficult to reach is because most of the openings are for fly in fly out contracts. This means that the day the employee starts the first day of his roster; he/she is flown to the main project site and when the roster is over, they are flown out of the project site and then eventually back home until there is another opportunity in future.

Importance of HRM

Now almost every company realizes the importance of investing in good human resource. Good employees are those people who stay committed to their job and bring fewer surprises to the management. It is quite convenient to complain that you have been cut off from your family and you want to go back home. However if you exhibit the ability to work and follow through with the entire project then your resilience will be appreciated in the form of strong job prospects. 

In the process if you gain some more education, you can get better opportunities like a mine supervisor or manager. The company might also invest some money for you to get trained for a specialized skill, and that will not only make your job easier but will add to your credentials. No matter what kind of opportunity you might find on the newspaper or online, you should never hesitate to get some basic experience because you have to start low to go high.