After spending several years of life as a working woman, if a female comes face to face with a situation where she needs let go of her job to stay home and attend house chores and kids, it often gets a bit psychologically disturbing for her.

The transition of roles, sometimes, increases the feeling of being caged at home, constantly doing household tasks and looking after kids can put a strain on a mother. Along with it comes the feeling of loneliness and uselessness that can eventually get very frustrating. This is why women often experience the strange depression and mood swings.

Females can easily overcome their mood swings and their depression. All they need to do is to invest a little time to straighten their thoughts and emotions. Being optimistic about life is basically the key to defeat the blues effectively.

If you have been a working mother who is not employed anymore, you need to tackle your finances first. Addiction to a fixed income can drive you crazy if you find any sort of shortcoming in finances after leaving your job. You must initially plan an alternative to keep you cash inflow intact. You can manage this by starting up a home based business. It will be best to convert your hobby into a business since that will give you maximum satisfaction.

If you are willing to survive through your transition period without losing your sanity, you must steal some quality time out from the day, only for yourself. Arrange for yourself a good shower with candles and a combination of fragrances and bathing oils. Pampering yourself will make you feel confident within yourself. You must never entirely lose your personality beneath the sheets of motherhood. The blunder that many women make when they stay at home is that they devote all of their time to their children and husbands and ignore their own set of needs in the process. When this is done, frustration multiplies and their rage level goes up, resulting in difficulties for the whole family.

Probably the most important thing to combat the working mom transition blues is invariably her social exposure. Being a mother or a housewife doesn't mean that a woman should sacrifice her social life completely. Doing so will disturb any woman to indescribable extents. If you are going through a transition period, make certain to take considerable time out for your friends or ex-colleagues. Start planning a number of get together sessions with your friends. Good friends are supposedly the best form of cure for house blues. Discussing issues with friends will help you to sort out your problems, enlighten your mood and provide you with reasons to smile and enjoy your life.

It is not tough to overcome your blues once you put in a serious effort. Still if you feel that staying at home is causing to suffer in isolation and misery, then it is best to look for another job for your own good.