With the increasing need for fashion, it has become very difficult to cope with day to day expenses, at least for middle class families. There was a time when men were the primary heads of the family who struggled to get the bread and butter and women were the home caretakers who looked after the kids, groceries and monthly dwelling budgets. You can picture this if you flash back to decades since this is not common any more.

More than seventy percent of the women are working and from that, more than fifty per cent are mothers. Even though they are suffering so much due to working, still they choose to do it. Some won't be happy with their bosses and take out the stress on their husbands, resulting in no time for love. Others might be enjoying working so much that they don't see anything but work and the remaining are the ones struggling to bond with their brood. Being a working mother is not easy as it requires balancing work and family.

Unless your family is rich, you need to go to work and it is also a bitter truth. Who likes to get up early in the morning, get your children ready, serve breakfast, pack lunch for the entire family, reach work, come back home from a hectic day and then try your best to please your family? After a day crammed with stress and an enormous workload, it is not possible to fulfill your motherly obligations with the same zeal. However, there are women who choose this stressful life just for the sake of getting some extra bucks to help in home financing and help their partner in this money crunch situation.

Due to provide their share in the utility bills, medical expenses, transportation charges, school fees and other family necessities, these are the mothers who assign themselves the tag of 'working mothers' as a necessity. The fact is that every mother is a working mom, but for mothers who work outside home, juggling a career along with family brings special challenges.

The families where both husband and wife are the breadwinners may be pushing their family into a higher income plus a higher tax bracket, but weaker family development. Without overlooking the increasing everyday expenditures, we should respect these working mothers who are pitching in for family expenses with their paycheck.

On the other hand are the mothers who are career-oriented. For many mothers, working is a pleasure and more than just a paycheck at the end of the month. These mothers have the social group which contains women who work. These career-oriented working mothers cannot image a day without work. However, one fact behind this is that they have proper arrangements.

Firstly, they are not working for the paycheck because they have plenty of savings in their bank accounts. Moreover they have a pack of nannies, bunch of babysitters and expensive daycare and after school facilities to help them create the balance between work, home and their social gatherings. However, this doesn't mean that they have the most perfect settled life because at the end of the day, family needs more than just blank checks and the latest convertibles.