Working Out at Home - Five Easy Exercises You Can Do Without Going to a Gym

 If you work from home or cannot get to the gym because you are looking after children then it can feel hard to get in some exercise each day. The truth is that working out at home is actually pretty easy if you learn a few simple exercises you can do anywhere.

Running through these home-based exercises once or twice a day can help you stay in shape, feel healthy and can have you feeling more happy and energetic all day long.


Many people aren't fond of pushups because they can be hard work, but that is because they are effective. This simple, equipment-free exercise has been done by people for hundred of years to great effect. If you already have decent upper body strength you can do standard pushups where you place the palms of your hands on the ground and balance on your toes. Dip down as low as you can go and hold your body off the ground for as long as possible.

Do ten to fifteen pushups each set and work your way up. If you have less upper body strength you can place your palms flat on the ground and balance on your knees and toes. This takes some of the weight off your arms and is a great way to build up to standard pushups.


Crunches are better than traditional sit-ups for your abs and are also a bit easier to do. Lay flat with your knees bent and your toes hooked under something like the edge of a couch. Now pick a spot on the roof to stare directly at, breathe out and lift your head and shoulders off the ground with your midsection doing the lifting.

Try to keep your neck as straight as possible for best effect and remember to keep looking at the same spot on the roof. Doing twenty of these a day can help you keep a flat stomach and increasing the count can result in prominent abdominal muscles.

Leg Lifts

People often neglect exercises targeting the legs and this is a bad idea as they are one of the hardest working areas in your body, you are standing on them all day after all.

Stand up straight look directly forward and slowly bring one knee up in front of you as high as you can, hold it up for a few seconds and then slowly lower it. Alternate between each leg.

Light Arm Curls

You do not need to buy weights to be able to do arm curls. The average household will have everything you need. Pick something small and easy to hold and use it to strengthen your biceps. Start off with lighter items like canned foods and then work your way up to water jugs or detergent boxes.

Whenever you pick up something heavy give it a few more lifts for good measure and you will be incorporating workouts into your daily activities! Remember to always keep your back straight when lifting heavy items.

Go For A Walk

 If you are working taking a five to ten minute break to go for walk along your street is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. It has been scientifically shown that walking releases endorphins, keeps people chemically balanced and promotes a healthy heart.

If you have kids a walk to the park can do them wonders as well. You may find yourself coming home to tired out and relaxed children instead or yelling and running around.