If you have ever considered writing, you may look at becoming a copywriter. The work involves writing articles that pertain to particular topics of interest. Usually, the topics are related to your own background experience or knowledge. This is not always the case, however, if there is a degree of research into an article topic.

There are particular advantages for copywriters. The salary is usually higher than the average wage. According to "Advertising Age", the average salary for a copywriter based in the United States is about $60,000, including bonuses, (2005). Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites a similar salary number, about $57,000 per year for a copywriter.

As a copywriter, you generally have much more flexibility that with many other jobs. Normally scheduled hours are not as rigid because the focus is upon your productivity, not your presence in an office. This allows a greater work life balance than with other jobs. By shifting work hours around, you can find flexibility in your life, and still be able to produce the written work that you are hired for. This benefit is simply not available with many other jobs such as
those in retail or service sectors.

The work environment is generally good for a copywriter. Many positions are within advertising agencies which are excellent places of employment. There are many other creative people involved. Sharing, and improving, your ideas with others is usually quite easy. The energy level of the team is good and you can gain from it. The cohesive intelligence and creativity of an advertising team will challenge and invigorate you as a copywriter. Be aware that there are different sized agencies, of course. Smaller organizations are likely to offer a close-knit team of people. Larger organizations are likely to be places with more competition,
more structure, and larger work project. By analyzing your own mindset, you can decide whether you would prefer a small, or a large, agency. Either way, there should be a great deal of flexibility for your position, due to the need for productivity rather than simple attendance.

As a copywriter, the work will usually be very challenging. This will help to ensure that your position is never boring. While working for an advertising agency, you would work for many different clients so your daily routine would always be changing. A large variety of work tasks is usually good because people can find that boredom is unacceptable. The diversified work would not have to be unorganized, however. The more you can structure your work, the better. Keep story boards to organize your thoughts for each article. Keep good notes. Save the results of your discussions with others that pertain to your work tasks. These resources can help you pull together an article, as a copywriter. They can also serve as background material for your work and they can often be used for subsequent assignments.

A job as a copywriter is apt to offer great benefits to you. You should be able to command good money, considering that the going wage is comfortable. As you become a master copywriter, your salary would obviously go even higher than average wages. The workplace for a copywriter will be ripe with creative energy. You will be afforded the flexibility that will be greater than most other positions.

Be sure to honor your agency in return for your beneficial working arrangement. Be sure to produce high quality work, always. Keep in mind production deadlines and strive to meet them. This is often a major factor for future advancement in an agency. If you are known to produce excellent quality, in a timely fashion, you will be given ever more important assignments. You can distinguish yourself easily as a master copywriter. Your contributions to the agency will become even more important. You position, flexibility, and salary, should all increase as a result.

A good copywriter will pay attention to keywords for search engine optimization. When you write any piece, you should be aware of terms that people use to search for such information. Be sure to include such key phrases in your articles. This will help to ensure that your work is easily found by readers. While this is less important for internal work, it can be vital for public-facing work that is published on web sites. By paying attention to search engine keywords, you stand a better chance of producing work that is highly effective for your agency.

Note that many times, a copywriter will actually be given the keywords to use in their work for each project. This is the modern practive of Search Engine Optimization, or "SEO". For a given topic, your agency may want you to highlight certain words so that your article will match those popular searches that your potential readers are using. In larger organizations, extensive SEO is likely in place, and there could be on-site experts employed to monitor and enhance SEO.

Even in a smaller agency, SEO is often a very important business area. By paying attention to the concept as a copywriter, you will further increase your worth to the agency, even if there are others employed who normally specialize with SEO.

SEO Example
Perhaps you, as a copywriter, have been given an assignment to create an article about travel on cruise ships. Your client is likely a company in the industry. You can imagine that potential customers for your clients might be searching for certain words when they are considering a cruise. Perhaps this list is important to potential customers:
full service
excellent buffet
unforgettable excursions

As a copywriter, you would simply ensure that these words feature in your final article. Some might be in the title. Some would be set up as section headings. Others would be repeated a few times within an article. When done naturally, your attention to SEO would result in an article that is sure to be discovered easily by search engines. Customers would then be presented with your article, and your client would be quite happy with your performance.

Copywriters get a great deal of respect, flexibility, and good pay, within modern work agencies. The position can therefore be quite a good career option for many people.