Now that no one can deny that a recession is going on, many people are in fear for their jobs. The fear is real- layoffs are being announced daily and unemployment is at its highest level in 15 years. But the difference between now and the recession of the early 90's is that the opportunity for running a home business is far better. It's easier than ever to earn money from home by using the Internet.

The Internet has made telecommuting a much simpler prospect. Many companies are hiring people to work from home as either employees or as independent contractors. It costs these companies a lot less to keep home workers than it does to keep workers that they must provide a workspace for. That makes these work from home jobs a little more secure in our rocky economy.

Other work from home opportunities include opening a retail website from home or selling items on other websites. These are positions that aren't in danger of layoffs. When you're self-employed, you alone are in control of your career and your job security. When one area of revenue is closed, you can simply adjust your business to bring in revenue another way. That's why many people adopt multiple streams of revenue. This provides an element of income security for the self-employed.

There are also a number of third party websites that allow people to take advantage of the traffic that is already on the site to generate sales. These are often the easiest ways to get started with a home business online. That's what I did, years ago, to start a home business and become independent of anyone else's idea of how much I should make. There is no limit to your salary when you work from home with your own business, unlike other jobs that pay you one flat rate no matter how hard you work, even you can even find a job to do so anymore.

If you feel that your job may be in danger of becoming yet another recession casualty, start researching the work from home possibilities that exist now. Doing this before there is a financial need is ideal, but it's also a good idea to make a little money online for financial security. Building a little bit of a cushion means that one emergency situation won't completely wipe out everything. Not only will you have better peace of mind, you will have some of the knowledge you'll need to bring in a replacement income if the worst should happen and your entire brick-and-mortar income is lost.