It's just about everybody and their brother's dream to be able to make money by starting a working from home business isn't it? It was mine, and it still is the dream most of my friends and family. It will also likely be the dream of either you or somebody else you know. Why is it that we dream of being able to work from home in our sweat pants and fuzzy slippers, with no body to answer to except ourselves, and making tons of money in the process?

The answer is that it appeals to our need for the freedom to choose what we want to do and how we accomplish it. What could be better than getting rid of the 9 to 5 grind 50 weeks a year? Who could argue with getting rid of annoying bosses who are clueless, and even more annoying coworkers who get under our skin constantly? Yes, I have had my share of those in my lifetime too, as most of us have. Who could argue against being able to create passive income so that we would be eventually be able to consider working less while making more money in the process. I surely can't argue any of these points. In fact, they are all very valuable reasons to think seriously on making a career change.

I will also give you a few more good reasons to consider making your living from home. Being your own boss means you get the opportunity to structure your life in the way that is the most meaningful to you. If family needs to come first today, then it does. You don't need to feel guilty about it. If you are sick, or burnt out you have the option to take the day off and not have to justify it to anybody but you. If you need to try something different or feel the need to take your career in a new direction, you can no questions asked. Being your own boss with a home based business will give you the ultimate in freedom to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. You have unlimited upside potential with any work at home business opportunity you decide to try. You also get to make all the decisions and get all the credit.

So, why then do people fail to successfully start and build a work from home business at failure rates of upwards of 95%?

Most are so caught up in the dream that they fail to realize that if working from home was as easy as people thought that everybody would do it. Working from home is not only hard work; it is work without the benefit of a safety net. That safety net I'm talking about is a regular paycheck. Working from home has the perception of freedom, easy and less work. Well, I can tell you after a year of this freedom that working from home is anything but that perception. I work a lot harder now than I ever have in my life, and you know what? I would never trade it. Not for one second would I ever go back to a job which leaves me just over broke, that I found to be less than stimulating and more hassles than it was worth. I now have the option to do what I love, that gives me the opportunity to be much better financially than ever before, and will ultimately offer me residual payments for my efforts as a writer. Those residual payments will eventually end up making me enough to live on quite comfortably and retire younger than I ever thought possible. To be honest, I love the idea of having a lot of extra income in retirement. After the last year of watching our economy take a nose dive, you just never know what may happen down the road. The possibility of residual income in retirement is just too tempting for me to ever think of overlooking as I embark on this new earning money from home free journey.

Eight Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Working from Home

1. It's harder than you think. You work more and you need to plan better with your finances when you do not have a steady paycheck.

2. You have to be consistent with your work output. Consistency is everything, no work and you will not be getting a paycheck sometime down the road. Substandard work, and your business growth will be hindered.

3. Residual income from working at home writing takes a lot longer to start making than you would ever think. Everything runs at least two months behind, in many cases as much as six months.

4. Your passive income and residual checks will be very small in the beginning, sometimes only pennies to dollars a month. Do not get discouraged, we all start here. Once things really get started rolling in, the growth in income is exponential and compounds quickly.

5. Writing from home either as an author, self published author or blogger is a numbers game. You will need a ton, quite literally, of quality content to see more than a few bucks a day in revenues. It is a sad but true fact that you need to work so hard at first to see anything, but the growth truly is exponential once the money starts to come in.

6. Your income will grow faster if you test, and pay attention to what is working and then duplicate those efforts many times over. It is easier to scale up on what is currently working than start from square one everyday when you write.

7. Networking with other stay at home businesses is essential for your mental health; it is lonely to work from home everyday. There are a lot of really nice people out there who will offer you good advice and information. Be sure to remember to give back to someone else once you have the knowledge to do so. Karma works in both ways and giving back is the best way to show your gratitude for what others have helped you with along the way.

8. Be careful if you consider giving up. Of those 95% of home business that fail in the first couple of years, a large portion would have succeeded with just a little more time and effort.

So this is what you really need to know about making a living by starting a working from home business. Thousands find a way to accomplish the dream of building a passive income business to reap the rewards of residual income every year. Will you be one who looks back ten years from now and wished you would have tried to make your life better now? Or, will you be one who looks back five years from now and was glad you found a way to make your dream of making money from home come true as you start making plans for what comes next with all the new possibilities?