Challenges of Working From Home When Your Children Are Very Young

Working and Parenting

When you work from home and you are the parent of very young children, you face numerous challenges. It can be done, but you do need to get a little bit creative. Read this article to learn a series of steps for working at home when you are also the parent of babies and/or toddlers.

The first step is to pursue work at home jobs that you can do with young children present. For instance, you may opt not to work phone jobs when you children are very young and may cry or make other noises in the background. Employers do not like it when telecommuters they have hired to work phone jobs have a lot of background noise in their home offices.

Once you have gotten a work at home job that works for you and suits your specific needs, your second step is to schedule your work hours around the needs and schedules of your children. (Obviously, parenting is the most important job you have, so you will want to arrange your work schedule to accommodate the needs of your children.) If you only have one young child, you can schedule your work time at least in part around your child’s naps. Some home based workers also find that they can get the most work done after their young children have gone to bed. 

Step three is to take advantage of any no cost or low cost part time childcare options that may be available to you. For instance, if your parents or siblings or aunts or close friends who live near by, and if you feel comfortable asking, you may want to ask them to take care of your young children (perhaps for a fee or perhaps not, depending on your relationships) for a few hours here and there. Regarding inexpensive childcare, you may also want to investigate whether or not there are any childcare co-op (or similar) arrangements in your town. (These are groups in which work at home moms and dads swap babysitting duties without charging each other.) 

Bear in mind that many work at home moms and dads ultimately find that they prefer to work home jobs that do not require them to talk on the phone because that way they never have to worry about the issue of what some work at home employers refer to as background noise when talking with clients or employers. For this reason (among others), freelance home jobs such as writing, computer programming and graphic design tend to be very appealing to many home based workers.