Working from home is a great decision for those that find commuting to work stressful or just want to be independent. Starting your own business at home is not an easy task, but you can benefit from a luxury of starting it slowly. While planning your home business, you can keep your current job and still make money.

First, you need to decide what you want to do. Do you want people to come to your house or do you want to have an office at home, yet you would like to visit your clients at their homes or offices? This initial step requires lots of market research and also personal evaluation. You need to realize what you really want and if you can handle it.

As I said it can be a slow start. Keep the job that you have but start with your business as a part time job. When you see that it makes enough income to support you and your family, you can make it into a full time job and quit the job you had before. There are also people that have so much confidence in their success that quit their job and go full time with their own business.  Some of them make a big success and some of them don't. It takes a lot of courage to do that.

What makes one business successful and the other one a failure? There are a few important factors:

1. Believe in what you are doing. Although some people might argue that our attitude has nothing to do with it, the truth is that what we believe that's what we will achieve. Of course, if we believe that we will make big money by sitting at home all day, we will fail. Our believing has to materialize in our doings.

2. Do a thorough market research. You have to know what are you getting in and how much you can profit from your business. Don't start a business that has proven to be unsuccessful. Start a business that will be interesting enough to attract the clients.

3. Write a good business plan. Business plan will help you realize the initial costs, what you are doing and how you are doing it and also how much income you can expect. Writing a business plan really makes you understand what you are getting into.

4. Market your business. You have to find a way to get the word out and offer your services. Website is a good starting point, or just go out and introduce yourself to your clients. You have to start attracting clients and get your name known.

Working at home is very rewarding. You can set your own schedule and run a business that you want. But it also means that you totally depend on yourself and you have to be prepared to work hard, especially in the beginning when you are trying to establish your business.