Life's not just about your career.  Working with a life coach you can discover that there are many other things that you wish to do with your life.  When talking about life, we don't always need to speak about the day-to-day.  In fact, if you're in the pursuit of happiness, it is better to think of life as a whole.  Think large and don't let yourself be limited, because if you want to get anywhere you have to think in terms of your macro goals.

So what are macro goals? Unlike micro goals, the goals that help you accomplish your day-to-day needs, macro goals represent where you ultimately want to go.  To get this picture you have to really think about what you want in life.  If you're making little do to lists all the time, but don't know where you're going, you'll never get anywhere.  You don't analyze the best route on a map without knowing your ultimate destination after all. 

But how do you know you haven't yet set these macro goals?  Don't you think they're already present in your life? Throughout our lives we make many to-do lists.  You're walking down the street and you have an idea.  You want to start a t-shirt company.  Years later, you've forgotten about this, and there are many more such ideas that you can say the same for.  However, there is usually a set of things you really care about that you are either pursuing or have been thinking about throughout the years. 

Talking with your life coach, you can break down your many lists and really figure out which things are the most important to you.  Once you've done that, break down these desires into categories.  Things you want to do in your career (or what you feel you've been  brought on this earth to do) and things you just want to do for fun.  Make a list of five items for each of these categories.  For example:

For my career I'd like to:

1)Write a novel about the lives of people in the American lower middle class.

2)Work or volunteer for a homeless shelter.

3)Have a mobile work schedule where I can travel the world.

4)Have a website for my interests that I regularly update.

5)Write an album of music.


For fun I'd like to:

1)Go horse back riding on the beach.

2)Run through a corn field.

3)Eat salad in California..again and again.

4)Write a song for my love, and film me singing it for him/her.

5)Become an expert at swing dancing.

These lists can change any time, but it's great to have an idea now.  If you really think about it, you have a lot of time to accomplish these goals and you're always going to be one step ahead when you know what you want.  Setting your to-do list to five things also makes your journey seem less daunting, even if in the long run each of these will require micro-to-do lists to make your goals a reality.  But establishing these macro goals is the first thing you need to do if you are to get to where you want to be.  And if you have life coach you'll be that much closer to making it all happen.