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Most children grow up living with a pet animal of one sort or another. This often leads to dreams of working with them in one type of field or another. There are hundreds of different types of jobs just waiting for you to apply for.

This article is aimed at working with the smaller type of animals like dogs, cats, birds, or working in a business like breeders, kennels, veterinary's and many other animal businesses.

We shall start off with the many positions involving Vetenarians.

Veterinary Receptionists- You will be the frontline person dealing with the clients and the phone appointments. You will need patience in dealing with people upset at their animal's injuries or illnesses. This does not require medical experience, although good skills with handling animals could result in career changes.

Veterinary Nurse- This career needs caring for many sick or injured animals. Helping pet owners to handle their pet's recover after surgery.

Animal Nursing Assistant- This is a responsible position, assisting the veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurse with the animal care.

Veterinary Surgeon- Is a very responsible person. Operating and tending the animals, diagnosing and preventing the spread of diseases. Most work in private practice, although some work with police dogs, army trained dogs and others.

Working with Dogs

There are many areas of advancement for someone working with dogs in a variety of different positions.

Dog Trainers- Obedience training of dogs is a very responsible position. A dog not given this training becomes unruly and often has behavior problems. Rescue shelters of use dog trainers for the dogs brought into the shelters.

Dog Walkers- This is a great career or casual job. You can walk and care for the dog while the owners are on vacation. Not only will you help the dog keep fit it will do the same for you.

Dog handlers- This can involve army or police personal in the handling of mine detector or drug squad detecting dogs.

Dog Groomer- This could incorporate dog washing, clipping, grooming, nail clipping, and general care of the dog on a regular basis. You would need to be good with animals and not scared of any type of dog.

There are many other positions like Dog Wardens, Dog Home boarders, kennel cleaners and managers, Assistant trainers and pet shop assistants. Plus you could find many more positions by searching on the internet.

Working with Cats

As with dogs there are many similar positions that could be adapted to working with either dog or cat.

Cat sitters- this could be done on a casual basis while owners are on holidays in your own home. You would need to have a secure outside exercise area leading from your home. You would not want to lose the cat as they are pretty good at escaping over fences.

Cat Groomers- Show cats are a special breed on their own. There owners are very particular especially before a big cat show.

There are also the boarding kennel managers and assistants and cattery managers.

Pet shop assistants - would need to have knowledge on rabbits, birds, fish, cats, dogs and a general knowledge on feeding and caring for these pets. Knowledge is gained from working with these pets over time.

Whatever career challenge you decide to follow, give it your best, as pets will reward you most times in kind. Working with any type of animals is a very rewarding experience.

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