The fitness industry is saturated these days with machines that you can buy and use at home to get fit with "limited" work involved. There are so many infomercials on TV advertising some new type of contraption to store under your bed and help you exercise to get in shape in 3 "easy" payments. The secret is that you don't need any big fancy pieces of equipment to get fit and most of the tools you need to get in shape you already own.

squatsI have often advocated installing a TV in your home-gym. What better way to enjoy your favorite shows/movies then to be burning calories at the same time - kill 2 birds with 1 stone right! Well what if the video you were watching were about working out or even better, working out from home! Exercise tapes have been around as long as the VCR and I would say 85% of the people I train with who workout from home own at least 1 workout video or DVD.

Now I could easily describe a great fitness plan for you that you could do from the comfort of your own home but there is just something about the visual stimulus in an exercise video that really motivates people I find to not only perform the exercises properly but also to follow it through and complete the assigned tasks.

Well now with your free membership you can get just that and more all at no cost to you. Each of our members get a personalized training program customized to you and your specific workout needs. And to help you follow along and reach your ultimate potential, you will find a video option that you can watch as you perform the workouts top ensure maximum results are met!

It is important to change your workouts often to prevent your program from going stale and that is why each week you will notice a brand new workout and video waiting for you in your account. You can easily modify your personal preferences if you find the workout is too easy or too hard so as to match your fitness levels accordingly. Not only does this provide for more variety, but it also helps to increase the familiarity of the program thereby strengthening program adherence

On top of all that, to help compliment your new workout efforts, you will also be supplied with a free meal plan to guide your eating habits accordingly. Choose the foods that you like and stay on top of your diet with your personalized nutritional plan.

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